Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Apartment Tour: Home Office edition

Whee! I'm updating on a lazy Sunday afternoon while waiting for the water to boil. Wewo is back at the office today so I get some alone time with the iMac for a few hours. Yeah, we work 6 days every week to enjoy our awesome life, but work is fun too so it's all good! 

As promised, here's a quick peek at my simple office at home: 

The work machine. 

I got this awesome swirling chair from IKEA. It was pretty expensive by IKEA standards, somewhere around RM500 to RM700 but it works great! I'm definitely bringing it along when we move, together with the L-shape table that's big enough to fit Wewo and I at the same time. 

This clock usually sits atop the bookshelf, but I often place it right in front of me while I work especially when I know that I have to be somewhere later and can't afford to be late. I like my clocks big and in your face! I'm old school that way (plus, I used to be tardy all the time)! 

I get a pretty nice green view from my work place, but I think it would've been better if I was one floor up. No complaints though because I usually just look at my computer screen. If I pull open the window, I get to enjoy a sweet breeze! Score! 

The flatscreen TV comes with a rotating frame, so I get to watch TV even while seated at my desk.

My inspiration shelf sits right next to my work place and contains knick knacks, presents and souvenirs. Can you spot the autographed 2NE1 cd? It's hand's down one of my most prized possessions ever.  

My bookshelf of books and files, double-layered to fit all the content! Wewo likes to get ready here in the morning, so I kept one cubicle for all his "manly products" like hair cream and shaver. 

I am a cup girl and have like half a dozen of Starbucks cups that I have washed and kept. I mostly use it to store stationary, although in actual fact, I only use one gel pen every day. I don't know why chicks collect stationary - almost every girl I know has a hoard of pens and staplers hidden at home. 

Ha! More hidden stationary hidden behind a row of novels. This one contains all the highlighters, marker pens, Sharpies and pencils. I don't want to tuck them away in a box or a drawer because I might need them like... the very next instant, you know? But I didn't want everyone to know that I have a stationary collection problem so... hidden but accessible stationary is the best way to go for me.

These cute containers are actually Japanese ice-cream cups! I ate the ice-cream, washed the containers and now they hold my paper clips. 

I use my printer like once every few months and while it it a very important tool, I don't like the idea of it gathering dust in a prominent area. So I have mine hidden at one of the bottom shelves where it is still easy enough to pull out for usage. 

I'm a writer, so having lots of paper lying around is almost a given. However, I'm also part engineer so papers that are not thrown away are filed away within the week. Random stuff that I can't decide on are hidden away in that large orange box ... to be sorted through during the next apocalypse (maybe). 

And that's it! It's back to work for me now, but that's alright because we're going out for Hainanese Chicken Chop and a Lilo & Stitch movie session tonight. Let's all have a fabulous week ahead, OK? OK! 

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