Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Apartment Tour: Living Room, Study Area, Kitchen and Toilet

Do netbooks have feelings? I think they do because shortly after revealing my heinous desires to replace my 3-year SAMSUNG N150 with an iMac, my netbook decides to blank out and die today. I literally have months of digital work now floating in memory space limbo until I figure out how I can extract the data from my poor N150, which is now resting in pieces after I tried to fix it. 

My N150 power switch. The legs are broken! 

All you really need to take apart your netbook is a set of screwdrivers. I fixed the broken power switch and while the N150 does turn on now, the screen is still blank. Empty and dark, just like my hopes and dreams. Haih.

I am really freaked out right now because I just lost WEEKS-worth of work, but hopefully this will herald in the dawn of a new technology era in the Goh family household! I'm meeting up with Wewo later to go computer shopping, so tomorrow's update should be interesting.  

My Apartment Tour

I'm nearly done moving into our one-bedroom studio apartment! Here are some of my favorite features in our 1,000 square feet of space. 

The first thing you see when you open the front door. Malaysian sites sell this wall decal for RM160+, but I got mine off eBay for less than RM40 plus shipping.

This is the last thing you see before opening our front door. We're multilingual and especially fluent in the Banana Language! 

I love how my Sailormoon collectibles has its own corner, yo! 

The bookshelves used to look so messy, until I figured out that if you arrange the books right at the edges of the shelves, you prevent dust from gathering and it also instantly looks neater. The shelving unit we have is pretty deep, so there are actually two layers of books per shelf. 

See? Double layering of books. I also hid the seldom used stationary at the back of the books so that I could still access it, but it wouldn't be out in the open. 

The husband was very impressed with my take on how to arrange spectacle frames. 

We're renting the apartment, so I didn't want any permanent fixtures on the wall. Instead, I stuck on wedding cards, childhood photos, couple photos and romantic quotes on the wall for the extra homily feel. 

I like to keep the kitchen as industrial as possible for hygiene purposes. This signage of our initials looked delicious in the kitchen, it's like a place you would get home cooked meals. :) 

We recycled our wedding comic book! It's now displayed in our toilet, and is surprisingly fun to look at while brushing our teeth. 

The shower area is all white and pretty boring, so I surprised my husband with a window decal saying, HAVE A NICE DAY last weekend. 

That's about it for my apartment tour! I'll show you guys how I managed to create my own walk-in wardrobe space and bedroom when it's finished. 

Going to head out soon to go computer shopping. Wish me luck! 


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