Thursday, October 17, 2013

The story of how I got my FREE iMac

If a picture is worth a thousand words... Here's two thousand!

Photos taken with my brand new iMac. It's so easy to blog now! Yay! *throws confetti* 

The screen is super large, and watching Youtube clips on it is a serious luxury, especially HD videos. I am a super duper happy cat. Oh yes, and writing on it is super fast and fun as well. I highly recommend an iMac, you guys.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat well for a day. Teach a man to catch a fish...

So I was telling Wewo all about how the Chinese government does not believe in granting its people with money, even during poor economic conditions. Instead of giving you money, they will grant you with work areas and machinery instead so you're forced to literally start working your ass off to be rich and fabulous, or at least, be rich enough to consistently feed yourself without depending on the government for handouts.

Similarly, Wewo generously agreed to fund my iMac purchase yesterday (which I insist, must be paid back to him on instalment because I'm just not the kind of girl who can use someone else's money. Well, except for food. He can pay for all 3x of my meals and I'll be fine!) with the understanding that I'll be working hard on it to produce A+ writing, videos, graphics, designs, etc.

Mainly though, he bought me an iMac because he's my husband and he just wants me to be happy. I'm sooo happy. I hope he'll be amazed by what I have planned for his secret birthday special next month!

Pam's iMac Shopping Tip (How to save RM600!) 

#1: The new iMac doesn't come with a DVD/CD drive. It costs an extra RM300 to get one from Apple, so I got a SAMSUNG one from another computer shop instead. Ahem. Only RM105! Just make sure you get a DVD reader with the logo: MAC COMPATIBLE, and then you can plug and play your DVD player immediately. No installation necessary!

#2: It costs another RM300 to get Microsoft Office 365, which is total nonsense since you need to renew the license EVERY 365 DAYS. Microsoft Office 2011 Mac version retails for slightly over RM400. I don't think I'm allowed to name you any shops, but if you go to the Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya, you can get a working version for RM25 only. Also, try to avoid going to Low Yat Plaza since they didn't have any "cheap" working versions of programs and it's filled with dodgy looking people.

P/S - Are you guys curious about what my humble office at home looks like? More updates tomorrow! Work now!


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