Tuesday, October 15, 2013

things I really, really want to buy!

// caution! GRAVITY movie spoiler alert!

I just want to say that the GRAVITY movie sucks ass. It should be renamed to Foolish White Woman Who Kills George Clooney While Floating Around in Space. I mean, seriously. Do we really need another movie with a weak female lead who can't drive, can't propel herself in space, can't do anything right and can't even find the damn will to live without a dead George Clooney making a reappearance halfway through the movie just to give her a nudge in the right direction? The scene where she'd rather remove all her suits and take a nap instead of chasing after George Clooney made me SOOOO angry, especially since she was so sorry and sad after that because George died. Well, maybe you shouldn't have decided to do yoga in space before saving one of America's sexiest men alive, right? Right.

I'm pretty sure that there are some women on this planet who are exactly like the fabled Ryan Stone - weak, directionless and totally ignorant of the dangers in space. But I'm also pretty sure that NASA has a strict psychological and physical training of its potential astronauts too, right? Or can anybody be allowed to go into space now with so little training?

The only thing I liked about the whole movie is how all the Russian and Chinese astronauts knew to haul ass ASAP while practically all the Americans got wiped out - except for Sandra Bullock, of course. But then again, I'm Chinese and I don't need to sit through a 2-hour movie to tell me how dangerous space is.

And that ending? Where she's hanging around in the swamp? I was really, really looking forward to the appearance of a crocodile. Oh those crazy ang mohs.

// end of Rant

These days, I'm  into Historic Romance novels by Elizabeth Hoyt (the heroes are all so dashing!) and Wewo has recently introduced me to plenty of historical manga as well. I recommend reading KINGDOM and HISTORIE, but if you're looking for something darker, try UBEL BLATT which is similar to the BERSERK manga.

We also spent the past month breezing through the entire BREAKING BAD series, which was meh. We went through all 8 Seasons of WEEDS after that, and we found the latter tv series to be much more enjoyable, probably because the characters were (at least) happy now and again. The only season of BREAKING BAD that was worth watching was the one with Gustav, in my opinion.

It's another crazy two weeks of wedding planning (for two girlfriends), one wedding and work before we head off the Penang for some downtime. The end of November will then trigger a series of holiday events starting from husband's three-day birthday party celebration and ending with a week shopping at Hong Kong just before we settle down for Christmas.

In between, I intend to work super duper hard too because I've been suffering from bag envy these days. I blame it on Park Bom and her love of Chanel bags! While I think that I'm not ready for a Chanel yet, I do think there will be a Louis Vuitton for me in the future.

This is so pretty, right? But I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so I'm not sure if it will match my ensemble. I might go for a LV Speedy instead. The red interior is SOOO luxurious!

I've also finally outgrown my SAMSUNG netbook and am thinking of upgrading to an iMac.

So yeah, I'm looking to make as much money as I can this year-end quarter. Let's roll, peeps! 


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