Wednesday, October 23, 2013

what's in my bag?

Hull! I played around too much yesterday so I need to work extra hard today. (T_T) Nevermind, let's just have a short post today!

For a very long time (like, nearly a year), I carried around my large Juicy Couture bag which was (and still is) really awesome, but it got really heavy as well. Seriously. Girls, why do we feel obliged to leave home carrying a tonne of things in our bags? I was so jealous of Hermione and her dainty evening bag which contained practically EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need to survive an attack from Lord Voldemort and his crew of Death Eaters (see Harry Potter, Book 7)!

Anyway, until I receive a letter of admission from Hogwarts, I will now restrict myself to a diet of only carrying around small bags to prevent further back aches and reduce the downtime spent rummaging around in my bag for my car keys.

Ahem. I present to you... what's in my bag!

Everything is accidentally humbly branded? Marc Jacobs phone cover for the iPhone 5, Kate Spade wallet, Revlon lipstick and rose mirror from Dove. I always try to get rid of Receipts on a daily basis, but it seems to keep multiplying whenever I'm not looking. *suspicious* 

Also missing from this pic are my car keys, a pen and MP3 player. Whoops :D 

My Charles and Keith bag. It's not bad and I like that I can remove the chain and use it for a clutch during dinner time as well. More importantly, I can just wear it over my shoulder and have both hands free to hold my husband's hand. Ahem. 

To appease my worry that my new bag isn't big enough, I got myself a pink ALDO bag as well! It's so pretty but I have nowhere to wear it to! LOL I'll probably take it with me to Penang, or when I'm travelling somewhere far. Or maybe start using it if/when I start working full time at a proper office? I like how it's so bright and happy inside-out! 

The only downside to the size of my bag right now is that it definitely can't fit my diary, pen and papers, but that's alright because I can just carry that in my hand and look very serious and business-like. 

OK OK I better get back to work now. Hugs, everybody and don't forget to clean out your bags! 


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