Friday, November 22, 2013

Pam Says: Read This Before Getting Married

When will I get married?

Will I ever get married?

Who will I marry?

Stop whining like a child because I haven't even started yet
I don't like love that's like a child playing with fire 
I don't like the calculative love of adults 

The love of my youth is just ending like this
Please be happy
Even after a long time passes, let's both remember that
We both had each other back then 

(Lyrics from Missing You by 2NE1) 

Dear Internet,

Today I am officially 1 year and 1 day married to Mr. Wewo. 1 year and 1 day with no drama, no marriage woes, no fighting and no arguments/conflicts at all. The only tears both of us cried during these 366 days were either happy tears or sad tears after watching Hachiko the dog die in the movie or when Stitch couldn't find his real family in the Lilo & Stitch movie. 

This is not a post about how awesome my husband is. 

I'd always lived my life with no intention to get married, but a man like Wewo only comes around once in a lifetime. I always thought that I was one of the lucky ones in life, but then my fabulous friend Racheal reminded me that yes, while we may have gotten lucky with love, the thing is that it has always been our basic human right to be happy - regardless of whatever deep dark digital abyss we may currently be drifting in. 

This is a post about choosing to be happy. 

There are so many articles floating around the Internet about what to do/not to do before getting married, but I think that the most important thing to do is to be honest with yourself. If you want to get married, make sure that you're doing it for yourself and not for the sake of anyone else because at the end of the day, no one is going to thank you for getting married but yourself. 

Hindsight is always 20/20 but I hope that whatever this weekend may bring, you will remember that you have the right to be happy, wherever you are and whoever you are with. Even if you are alone or feeling lonely. 

I highly recommend reading Racheal's post about marriage being hardwork or better yet, bookmark her wander.kate blog - it's updated regularly with lots of fun posts! 

21 Nov 2012: I got sick. 21 Nov 2013: Wewo got sick! Who will get sick on 21 Nov 2014? Hmmm! 

In other news, you know you've become a DIY manicure/pedicure addict when you get featured on a Nail Spa Facebook Page. My toes are famous! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For the Bachelors: How to Plan a Legendary Stag Night Party in Kuala Lumpur

Two weeks ago, I was asked how I would go about planning an epic stag night in KL. The first thing that came to mind was to tie the groom-to-be up and hire a hairy male stripper for the lucky fella, but then after much research online, I discovered that hiring strippers from unregistered sources in Malaysia (even if there is ZERO sexual intent) can be quite a dodgy affair. So, strippers in KL are a no-go, I think. One's best bet would be to head over to Singapore if you really must have strippers.

The stag night in KL limits:

* No girls allowed
* No strippers allowed
* Must have booze
* Designed for men nearing/about 30s, necktie wearing men with high tastes
* Must not upset the bride-to-be
* Safety first (even when it doesn't look like it)


Get all the guys to corner the groom and force dress him up as Princess Aurora. Tuck him into a Zorbing ball filled with ice cold beer and roll the Zorbing ball down the hill. Have the rest of the stag party sip a can of beer while watching the groom's epic tumble-in-a-dress. 

Note: Zorbing is a physical sport where you latch yourself inside of a ball and they roll you down a hill. For maximum effect, you can also get the crew to pour water/beer in the ball as well so that you'll get drenched the moment the ball starts rotating all over the place. 

Bonus Points: Don't forget to take shots of the groom before, after and during the Zorbing. 

Next- Shower and change into next outfit. 

Stage 2: THE TEAM 

Everyone in the party gets to wear a customized stag night shirt. I was thinking of getting the fiance's face printed on the shirt, so that the groom-to-be would have to look at his lover's face all night. Hahahahaha. Also, the groom-to-be gets to wear a gold paper crown the whole day, because he's awesome. 

Next - Dinner time. 


I found an old-school pub in Damansara Kim that sells the best Guinness beer in Malaysia served with manly food such as hokkien mee, pork chop, deep fried bacon slices, wild boar curry, pigs in a blanket and pork vindaloo. Serve food with cigars and you'll have a happy bunch of men, I believe. The pub also has a live band playing, so you could get the groom-to-be to go up and either declare his undying love for his fiance or break out into a song before driving him home properly full and drunk on stout. 

Bonus: Keep the Guinness flow steady with drinking games! 

The Timeline

3pm: Pick up the STAG from home. Confiscate his phone and wallet immediately. Proceed to Stage 1.

4pm: Reach Lake Titiwangsa. Change costume and zorb in beer! 

6pm: Shower and change. 

730pm: Head over to the Online Pub, Damansara Kim 

12am: Head on home 

Where to Get the Stag Night Items in KL 

* Princess Aurora Costume from Costume Empire (RM100-150) 

Book Zorbing experience for stag party from First in Malaysia (RM20 for wet zorbing) by emailing the boss, CJ at 

* Gold paper crown and other party items can be purchased from Balloon Buzz

* Cigars can be purchased online at the Cigars Lounge, they have a wide range of cigars and pricing 

* Read more about the Online Pub food review by The Star and Time Out KL

So there you go. Don't forget to assign a designated driver for the night so everyone can get home safely! Party hard, boys!

For the ladies: Planning a hen night/bachelorette party in KL? Read about the party I planned for my best friends in August 2013! 

Party Planning Pam

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hair Dye at Centro Hair Salon KLCC versus number76 salon

I look good, but I feel so dirty because I cheated on one of the most handsomest men I've ever known.

I'm so sorry Yoshi-sama!!! I will never change hairstylists again!!! *deep bow, crawling in shattered glass*

So I basically skipped work yesterday and decided to hang around KLCC for 2-3 hours (OMG the parking cost RM21, is that even legal, seriously). Anyway, I then decided to get my hair coloured because it's been MONTHS since I did and there are only 3 hair salons in KLCC itself.

So after randomly Googling around, I decided to have my hair coloured at Centro Hair Salon, KLCC plus get my bangs cut. Here's the result:

Cost of hair coloring: RM310. Fringe hair cut: RM25

Remember my haircut after three years from number76 in April? I haven't cut my hair since then and it still has a beautiful shape. This is how superior Mr. Yoshi-sama's hair cut is - I can literally just let it continue to grow forever and it will still look like I've just been to the hairdresser's. Who says you need to cut your hair every 6 weeks? No need! 

Mr. Yoshi-sama, o-genki desuka? *tears of shame* 

Also, yes, I know. My hair grows very long. I don't know why. It grows very thickly also, which is fun because hairstylists always get stressed when they cut my hair. They just keep cutting and cutting, and there's even MORE HAIR underneath! Tee hee hee. Mwahahahahaha. 


Anyway, so Centro Hair Salon at KLCC is actually pretty OK. But the problem is that number76 is simply far superior, especially for customers like me who don't really wanna be there, but know that the only way they can get beautiful hair is if they spend hours at a hair salon. 

The nice hairstylist gave me so many choices for my hair color, and I really didn't know what to say because I just wanted to be pretty. At number76, I could just point at a photo, let Mr. Yoshi wring his hands around in despair for awhile and then get whatever hairstyle I wanted anyway. 

I think the difference between Centro Hair Salon at KLCC versus number76 Bangsar branch is basically this: 

number76: You can fall asleep or read your manga and know that you'll somehow look like a pretty girl at the end of many hours. At number76, they gave me a free perm because they thought I looked better with one. 

Centro Hair Salon: Don't fall asleep, you might wake up ugly! At Centro, they asked me to top up RM160 for a hair conditioning treatment, which I rejected, because I don't like it when hair dressers try to get you to pay more money after negotiations were already done at the counter beforehand. It felt like they were holding my hair hostage and demanding an extra RM160 for its release. Never negotiate with terrorists! 

Uhm, so anyway, here's what I got from Centro Hair Salon as a first time customer:

Vouchers for different hair treatments and such worth RM100. I'll never use these vouchers, so drop me an e-mail if you want them for free. 

Centro has a 7-day promise pledge, but number76 will also fix any hair regrets or errors you may have after your session as well. Speaking of which, have you guys heard of the girl who complained about A Cut Above's RM600 hair bonding session gone wrong? Creepy. 

What I like about Centro though is that the hairstylists don't force you to start conversations with them, there's pretty good free WiFi and bottomless coffee/tea/juice served. However, if you're comparing the cost of getting your hair done at number76 and Centro, then I'd still rather spend my money at number76. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pam's Night Out

If you're reading this right now, it means that you, my fuzzy little digital friend, are in need of a total relaxation pampering session very, very soon.

With plans to travel back-to-back from now all the way till February 2014 (and then there is a 6 months break before we head to Zurich in August), ahem, I didn't realise that I have a whole lot of stress weighing on me. Honestly and in all seriousness, I think that only Megan Fox has the ability to tumble out of bed looking like a sex goddess while she juggles her second pregnancy, her new baby and her other career stuff. Me, I'm like a damn Chinese panda who's hovering on the brink of extinction.

But this is not about Megan Fox. This is about what I did yesterday! I had a date... with myself!

Wewo had a dinner meeting at Pavillion, KL yesterday and instead of just picking him up from work like I always do, I decided to go earlier and treat myself to a relaxing evening instead. So I washed my hair with conditioner, wore a skirt, heels and put on some make up before heading out for a quiet evening with Lady Godiva.

It was only for an hour or so alone, but it was SO NICE to be away from everybody else and not have to worry about anything for at least 90 minutes of my life. Also, the hot milk chocolate from GODIVA doesn't look like much, but I actually had trouble finishing it! So delicious and rich and luxurious. Mmmmmm ~~~~ 

And that is all. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovative Contest Post

// This is a contest blog post 

What would you do if you could make your home healthier?

Our home comes with a super large balcony area and the environment is magical during heavy rains, but the furniture seems to collect dust seemingly overnight. And then there are the weekly pesticide sprays just outside the house to get rid of mosquitoes and suspicious moulds that grow in unseen places, especially in this building that's over a decade old. I live with two tiny dogs as well, who are basically furballs that collect dust and dirt as they roll across the living room at least 15 hours a day. 

As a first-time home owner and wife, air quality is especially important to me because Wewo is susceptible to tonsil infection as well. So we've combated the problem with an air purifier and air dehumidifier, except that I just can't be bothered or motivated enough to turn those darn gadgets on everyday! Did you know that air purifiers need to be filled up with water every few hours as well? That's like super troublesome *shy* so even though I work from home all day, I only bother turning the gadgets on when my husband is asleep at night. 

My Philips Innovation Idea That Matters to Me 

To me, the ideal innovative idea should be so convenient that you can literally forget about it or take it for granted, i.e. like breathing. Breathing oxygen into your lungs is a great idea, but you don't really think about it. Get it, get it? Ahem. 

So my idea is to create an app or electronic device that can monitor the air quality at home in real-time and adjust it automatically, without requiring manual instructions. This would mean that I wouldn't have to force myself to get out of bed some nights and make sure that the dehumidifier and air purifier is turned on just so we don't wake up with sore throats the next day. This would mean that there would be one last thing for me to do in the morning (turn it off) and at night (turn it on)! More importantly, this would mean that we wouldn't be breathing in weird air particles into our bodies on a daily basis, either. 

A healthy home is a happy home, folks!  \ (^___^) /

Submit Your Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Idea 

What would you change about your home if you could? Submit an idea and you could win great prizes, too! Here's how  you do it in only one step: 

Click on the Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Contest website and key in your idea in 500 characters. Fill in your name, email and enter the correct verification code. Then hit SUBMIT and you're done! 

It only takes 5 minutes of your time and you could be the one to make the world a better place! 

You can then check out your submission in the gallery page or view other ideas as well. Besides contributing ideas for Healthy Homes, you can also give suggestions on how we can make Malaysia a safer city. 

Need more info? Click here to check out the Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Ideas website! Also, here's an incentive for you to join the contest:

Quick!!! Think and submit your entry ASAP! Good luck!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Burger Face-Off: myBurgerLab vs KGB Burger Bangsar

There's been a sudden influx of designer burgers in the country recently! Let me just tell you right now off the bat that if you're seriously looking for gourmet burgers, either get yourself to Cristang PJ or The Daily Grind Bangsar for satisfying, money's-worth burger.

Those are the two places that serve the best burgers in Malaysia/KL, in my opinion. Anyway, feel free to message me if you think that there's a bigger untapped burger source that I am unaware of!

So we visited myBurgerLab a couple of weeks ago. Funny story - we got there at about 530pm because we didn't want to line up, but we were evidently too late and had to line up anyway for about half an hour. The lining up really made me unhappy because I am simply way too old to be spending my weekend lining up with a whole crowd of teenage-slash-college kids who talk with fake English accents. Ahem. Not that that is any of the burger's fault. Later on after we got out burgers (takeaway!) and left the shop, the crowd was actually gone and there was no long line of pretentious kids waiting to order their burgers. So there you go: if you're going to Burger Lab, get there after 7pm and you can have your charcoal burger in peace. (=.=)

Tips on the wall! My highlight of the lining up trip was reading all the love notes written on money. 
So cute!!! 

The wall of happy eaters - or, famous people and good looking people eating burgers! So cute!!! 

Yeah. Lining up. A lot of lining up. The line started from outside the shop!

The Burger Lab menu which you can also view online. 

Happily noming on our hard-earned burgers right in the comfort of our large spacious home. 

Only Mr. Wewo can make burger eating look cute without trying. :3 

My burger! I think this was the Hulk, RM18.50. 

His burger! I think he got the Beautiful Mess, RM18. 

Both burgers were really delicious and large enough that we actually saved part of it for supper later that evening. We also ordered the Awesome Fries, RM9 and Portabello Mushrooms, RM6 but it didn't survive the trip home for us to take photos of. I don't recommend the Awesome Fries because it's just basically French Fries with a lot of herbs on top of it. And the dipping sauce is too spicy. (=.=) 

Overall, I'm glad I dropped by but I can survive without having another Burger Lab burger in my life. I just can't bring myself to pay about RM80 (in total) for takeaway burgers. I'm still a McDonalds Fillet-o-Fish, RM6.95 value meal set sort-of girl at the end of the day! 

Then there's the KGB Burger in Bangsar. We've heard good things about this place and unfortunately it was really bad, my friends. Pretty bad. Look. These two burgers cost us around RM60 because apparently, the patty is made from cows that are grass-fed. I'm sorry, I was unaware that cows ate anything else but grass. 

I could excuse the burger, but what really made me super annoyed was that despite paying so much money for two burgers (no fries, no sides, nothing extra!) and 2 bottles of mineral water, the stupid restaurant didn't even provide us with forks or a knife so eating the burger was extra messy with everything dripping all over the place. 

Hell to the no. And while we're at it, I would also like to warn you guys off NOSH, Bangsar. Despite reading from other blogs that it's a great place to dine at, I couldn't even finish the Afternoon Tea set because it was just too unappetizing. I then valiantly thought that maybe their dinner meals are better so I actually went there a second time. The desserts were too sweet and the so-called famous pasta was just so un-delicious and unremarkable that I couldn't even be bothered to take a photo of it. 

So if you want to impress your date with a good burger, either head onwards to Cristang and order that Petai Pork Burger mammoth meal that can feed two people or get over to the Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1 for a proper burger served with proper utensils at a proper setting where you don't get jostled about or find burger sauce dripping through your fingers. 

This has been a community service brought to you with much greasy love!


Monday, November 11, 2013

The best place for coffee and scones in KL: Le Lapin Cafe, Taman Desa

Our home is the most excellent BOMB!

The best Korean restaurant in KL, authentic Japanese BBQ + beer plus the world's friendliest local fruit mart are literally within walking distance from home. Last weekend, we also discovered a really special rabbit hole housing really delicious coffee for a fraction of the typical Starbucks price also walking distance to our house.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Le Lapin.

Lucky! We were the first customers, so it was still quiet. By the time we left an hour later, the place was quickly filling up with tea timers. Le Lapin is odd because despite the beautifully decorated cafe, THIS CAFE DOES NOT HAVE A SIGNBOARD so it's kind of the local's secret coffee place. 

The Hot Irish Coffee - alcohol included. Only RM12. 

I loved this so much, perfect for a hot weekend out. Arabica coffee ice cubes with milk, also RM12. 

The coffee ice cubs were so strong that no amount of milk added could dilute the lovely taste of strong, good quality coffee. You know that you just want to put it in your mouth.

Who says manly men can't enjoy coffee and scones! *flex muscles* 

Me and the crazy intricate hand painted wall. 

This is a scone (RM7)! It's freshly baked and was hot when we carved into it. It's so large that the both of us couldn't finish it. 

So if you're looking for a good place to nurse a cup of coffee and alone time with your beau, girlfriends or with a book, then I highly recommend this place. A word to the wise though - this coffeeshop is run by one lone fabulous woman so the operation hours are a little off. Despite the fact that it was supposed to open at 9am, the doors were open only at 11am+, so it's better if you visit from noon onwards to avoid disappointment (but it's worth it, in the end!). 

Le Lapin Cafe 
31-1, First Floor, Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 109F, Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7497-0407

Open 8am-5pm everyday except TUESDAYS. Weekends 9am-5pm.

So these days, I only drop by Starbucks when I need to get my caffeine fix in takeaway format. The good news is that the Toffee Nut Latte drink is back for Christmas season at Starbucks. Yay! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY: Mini Calendar for 2013/2014

This year has been a crazy hectic year, ever since I got married in January!

Look at my Calendar! It's November 2013 right now, but I have been driving with a December 2012 calendar next to my steering wheel. *shy*

Also, it actually used to look much better, except that Poppy the puppy version really liked to climb over the dashboard and practise her chewing on it.

So yesterday, I finally had enough of feeling embarrassed every time I look at my car's calendar, so I took the poor mangled thing down and decided to make a new one. Off topic, but my car has a magnet strip at that location next to my steering wheel, originally designed as a feature so you can look at your phone while you drive, but I used it for my calendar instead. Safety first, everybody!

I don't know why, but I always need to know what day and what date it is when I'm driving. I know. I'm going to be a great soccer mom. Someone actually sat in my car and laughed at me once, calling me a "Chinese taukeh" for having a calendar in my car. I think it's because in Klang, when you visit those Bak Kut Teh / small Chinese restaurants, they have really large, ostentatious calendars hanging from the walls so even people from outside the shop know what day and date it is.

Anyway. Here's how I did mine, and how you can make your own. If you want to.

Printable Mini Calendar 2013

My brand new 2013 calendar with only two months left! 

It looks good next to my wheel and I now know what day and date it is everyday. I guess this is especially extra important to me, since I work from home this year. 

I found the intructions for the calendar from Mary, A Very Merry Vintage Style. Basically, all you need to do is download the PDF file, cut out each month until you have 12 pieces of paper and stick the ends of it with glue. Let it dry for 1-2 hours, then stick your calendar unto a sturdy piece of cardboard and you're done! 

Since it was already November, I figured that I should also probably get around to preparing my 2014 calendar as well (you know, before things get crazy again) because I have a feeling that from January onwards... things are going to be crazy. Did I mention that we're waiting for our brand new nephew to arrive? He hasn't had a name chosen yet so I have taken to calling him "Prince William" every time we talk about him. Although, it really should be "Prince George", right? Right. 

Printable Mini Calendar 2014

This is so pretty, right! This 2014 Kokeshi Mini Calendar is by CreativeMamma. It's the same idea - download the PDF, print it out until you have 12 pieces of paper and glue one end together. I can't wait to use this from January onwards!

Ah... and now, I have officially run out of things to do to avoid Nanowrimo. Back to work! 

 XOXO, Pam

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Married Talk: Alzheimer's

On the way to work one day, I was telling Wewo about how my grandmother either has Alzheimer’s or is just really senile. Either way, she can’t remember who any of us are and seems to be stuck in a time zone that’s a few decades before I was born.

“So, just so you know, I could be like that next time.”


“So you need to be like that guy in the Notebook and read to me about our life story everyday, you know.”

“What? But that would be so boring.”


“I want to be in many lifetimes with you. We can be a Baron and Baroness one day. Tomorrow we can be Ninjas. You’ll never know and I can make it up as we go.”

“Oh, you.”

“And you’ll fall in love with me every time.”

“I am afraid so, my fuzzy little friend.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

So I guess if you see a forgetful old lady in a wheelchair 60 years from now with a swashbuckling old man by her side, don’t forget to drop by and say hi!  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

River Rafting at Slim River

Most of the time, our Engineering group meetings turn out to be decadent food affairs involving either seafood, wine, junk food or all of the above. Now that we're older and a slight majority of us are married though, we've recently reverted back to our need for manly activities - like river rafting.

Which is perfect for team building and letting go of much stress and worries! Arr!

So we met up at 7-ish, had Mamak for breakfast and reached the meeting point near Slim River about 2 hours later (from Subang). At the meeting point, you can store all your valuables in the car, change and put on your sunblock before the real action begins.

The really nice guide then let us all stand on the back of a massive 4WD pick-up while they transported us down rocky paths and grassy areas to the riverbank. Arr. What could be manlier than riding on the back of a pick-up truck with other men!

Us at the river bank undergoing briefing and a really quick lesson on river rafting instructions. The dude on the left is the BOSS, part of the rescue team and photographer of our journey. Other river rafting companies don't invest in high grade safety gear like ours and the boss is never hands on, so if you're thinking of going river rafting in Malaysia, then you definitely need to choose PieRose (information below). 

My nose is so sharp and straight, right? I don't know why it looks like that and everybody tells me that Chinese people shouldn't have noses like that but Yvonne (on the left) has a pretty straight nose too. *shrug* It's the gathering of straight nose girls!

None of the photos were altered in any way, btw. I wanted to highlight the awesomeness of PieRose' photo taking skills. All he used was a point-and-shoot camera. 

Whee! We were wet in less than 5 minutes after the journey begun. 

We are smiling like innocent idiots, oblivious to what was coming next.

Hull! Water!

This is a "box canyon" in river rafting terms, I think.

It was when we plunged down 9-feet into more water. 

Yep, that's me on the left. 

And this is me hitting my knuckle against the rock because I refused to let go and tumble out of the raft. My knuckle is better now but I ended up falling out of the raft later anyway. I fell out three times! 

We made it past the plunge without falling out! Booya! 

Our navigator (up front) is a real bad ass. The captain who sat at the rear next to me actually lost his front tooth while river rafting. But he said that you had to be really, really clumsy or playful to have an accident like that. Most people just suffer bruises and scrapes. 

Can you spot Wewo holding on for dear life? 

Wewo is still holding on and I like how white his leg is. Tee hee. Wife pride.

I think this was the last time I fell out of the boat (they sabotaged us!). I was annoyed because I fell out and had to hop in back into the boat all by myself again while everyone was too busy saving my husband. Thanks, you guyyyyyyyyyyyys. *pout*

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!! 

Yeah. I would do it again. 

So then after the event, we were driven back to the meeting point in the 4WD, changed and had a homemade lunch courtesy of PieRose's mom. It was delicious! They also fed us chocolate bars, an apple, biscuits and water in the middle of our rafting trip as well, btw.

We then decided to drop by Sunway Pyramid for a body-feet massage session and while it was comforting, the feet massaging part can be torturous especially if you have new bruises forming on your legs! 

DIY Strap for Spectacles

As Wewo had poor eyesight, we thought it would be too dangerous for him to raft without his glasses but we didn't want it to fall out of the river, either. Our guide had an ingenius solution for us... invented by his dad, the boss: 

So now you know - all you need to keep your spectacles fastened is to connect the ends together with a plastic tube. Effective, cheap and it looks cool too! 

River Rafting in Malaysia (PieRose) 

The best river to raft in is Sungai Selangor but since it was raining season, the dams were closed and the river was dried up. Sungai Slim wasn't too bad as a second option, though. 

It's RM180 per pax plus gears and lunch provided. It normally takes 2 hours to finish the course but we did it in 1.5hours because we stubbornly refused to fall into the river of our own accord. And yes, they will make you flip the boat if you refuse to do it on your own. (T_T) 

I wanna try rafting at Sungai Singor next! 

Click here to read a detailed PieRose River Rafting Itinerary.  

How much did the river rafting photos from PieRose cost?

Only RM10! The boss personally rode a separate raft to take our photos during the journey and had it uploaded in Dropbox that very night. 

One last tip: PieRose only caters to 60 people (max) per day, so it's best to book your dates ASAP to prevent disappointment. Enjoy!

This are is left blank on purpose