Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Burger Face-Off: myBurgerLab vs KGB Burger Bangsar

There's been a sudden influx of designer burgers in the country recently! Let me just tell you right now off the bat that if you're seriously looking for gourmet burgers, either get yourself to Cristang PJ or The Daily Grind Bangsar for satisfying, money's-worth burger.

Those are the two places that serve the best burgers in Malaysia/KL, in my opinion. Anyway, feel free to message me if you think that there's a bigger untapped burger source that I am unaware of!

So we visited myBurgerLab a couple of weeks ago. Funny story - we got there at about 530pm because we didn't want to line up, but we were evidently too late and had to line up anyway for about half an hour. The lining up really made me unhappy because I am simply way too old to be spending my weekend lining up with a whole crowd of teenage-slash-college kids who talk with fake English accents. Ahem. Not that that is any of the burger's fault. Later on after we got out burgers (takeaway!) and left the shop, the crowd was actually gone and there was no long line of pretentious kids waiting to order their burgers. So there you go: if you're going to Burger Lab, get there after 7pm and you can have your charcoal burger in peace. (=.=)

Tips on the wall! My highlight of the lining up trip was reading all the love notes written on money. 
So cute!!! 

The wall of happy eaters - or, famous people and good looking people eating burgers! So cute!!! 

Yeah. Lining up. A lot of lining up. The line started from outside the shop!

The Burger Lab menu which you can also view online. 

Happily noming on our hard-earned burgers right in the comfort of our large spacious home. 

Only Mr. Wewo can make burger eating look cute without trying. :3 

My burger! I think this was the Hulk, RM18.50. 

His burger! I think he got the Beautiful Mess, RM18. 

Both burgers were really delicious and large enough that we actually saved part of it for supper later that evening. We also ordered the Awesome Fries, RM9 and Portabello Mushrooms, RM6 but it didn't survive the trip home for us to take photos of. I don't recommend the Awesome Fries because it's just basically French Fries with a lot of herbs on top of it. And the dipping sauce is too spicy. (=.=) 

Overall, I'm glad I dropped by but I can survive without having another Burger Lab burger in my life. I just can't bring myself to pay about RM80 (in total) for takeaway burgers. I'm still a McDonalds Fillet-o-Fish, RM6.95 value meal set sort-of girl at the end of the day! 

Then there's the KGB Burger in Bangsar. We've heard good things about this place and unfortunately it was really bad, my friends. Pretty bad. Look. These two burgers cost us around RM60 because apparently, the patty is made from cows that are grass-fed. I'm sorry, I was unaware that cows ate anything else but grass. 

I could excuse the burger, but what really made me super annoyed was that despite paying so much money for two burgers (no fries, no sides, nothing extra!) and 2 bottles of mineral water, the stupid restaurant didn't even provide us with forks or a knife so eating the burger was extra messy with everything dripping all over the place. 

Hell to the no. And while we're at it, I would also like to warn you guys off NOSH, Bangsar. Despite reading from other blogs that it's a great place to dine at, I couldn't even finish the Afternoon Tea set because it was just too unappetizing. I then valiantly thought that maybe their dinner meals are better so I actually went there a second time. The desserts were too sweet and the so-called famous pasta was just so un-delicious and unremarkable that I couldn't even be bothered to take a photo of it. 

So if you want to impress your date with a good burger, either head onwards to Cristang and order that Petai Pork Burger mammoth meal that can feed two people or get over to the Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1 for a proper burger served with proper utensils at a proper setting where you don't get jostled about or find burger sauce dripping through your fingers. 

This has been a community service brought to you with much greasy love!



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