Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY: Mini Calendar for 2013/2014

This year has been a crazy hectic year, ever since I got married in January!

Look at my Calendar! It's November 2013 right now, but I have been driving with a December 2012 calendar next to my steering wheel. *shy*

Also, it actually used to look much better, except that Poppy the puppy version really liked to climb over the dashboard and practise her chewing on it.

So yesterday, I finally had enough of feeling embarrassed every time I look at my car's calendar, so I took the poor mangled thing down and decided to make a new one. Off topic, but my car has a magnet strip at that location next to my steering wheel, originally designed as a feature so you can look at your phone while you drive, but I used it for my calendar instead. Safety first, everybody!

I don't know why, but I always need to know what day and what date it is when I'm driving. I know. I'm going to be a great soccer mom. Someone actually sat in my car and laughed at me once, calling me a "Chinese taukeh" for having a calendar in my car. I think it's because in Klang, when you visit those Bak Kut Teh / small Chinese restaurants, they have really large, ostentatious calendars hanging from the walls so even people from outside the shop know what day and date it is.

Anyway. Here's how I did mine, and how you can make your own. If you want to.

Printable Mini Calendar 2013

My brand new 2013 calendar with only two months left! 

It looks good next to my wheel and I now know what day and date it is everyday. I guess this is especially extra important to me, since I work from home this year. 

I found the intructions for the calendar from Mary, A Very Merry Vintage Style. Basically, all you need to do is download the PDF file, cut out each month until you have 12 pieces of paper and stick the ends of it with glue. Let it dry for 1-2 hours, then stick your calendar unto a sturdy piece of cardboard and you're done! 

Since it was already November, I figured that I should also probably get around to preparing my 2014 calendar as well (you know, before things get crazy again) because I have a feeling that from January onwards... things are going to be crazy. Did I mention that we're waiting for our brand new nephew to arrive? He hasn't had a name chosen yet so I have taken to calling him "Prince William" every time we talk about him. Although, it really should be "Prince George", right? Right. 

Printable Mini Calendar 2014

This is so pretty, right! This 2014 Kokeshi Mini Calendar is by CreativeMamma. It's the same idea - download the PDF, print it out until you have 12 pieces of paper and glue one end together. I can't wait to use this from January onwards!

Ah... and now, I have officially run out of things to do to avoid Nanowrimo. Back to work! 

 XOXO, Pam


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