Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hair Dye at Centro Hair Salon KLCC versus number76 salon

I look good, but I feel so dirty because I cheated on one of the most handsomest men I've ever known.

I'm so sorry Yoshi-sama!!! I will never change hairstylists again!!! *deep bow, crawling in shattered glass*

So I basically skipped work yesterday and decided to hang around KLCC for 2-3 hours (OMG the parking cost RM21, is that even legal, seriously). Anyway, I then decided to get my hair coloured because it's been MONTHS since I did and there are only 3 hair salons in KLCC itself.

So after randomly Googling around, I decided to have my hair coloured at Centro Hair Salon, KLCC plus get my bangs cut. Here's the result:

Cost of hair coloring: RM310. Fringe hair cut: RM25

Remember my haircut after three years from number76 in April? I haven't cut my hair since then and it still has a beautiful shape. This is how superior Mr. Yoshi-sama's hair cut is - I can literally just let it continue to grow forever and it will still look like I've just been to the hairdresser's. Who says you need to cut your hair every 6 weeks? No need! 

Mr. Yoshi-sama, o-genki desuka? *tears of shame* 

Also, yes, I know. My hair grows very long. I don't know why. It grows very thickly also, which is fun because hairstylists always get stressed when they cut my hair. They just keep cutting and cutting, and there's even MORE HAIR underneath! Tee hee hee. Mwahahahahaha. 


Anyway, so Centro Hair Salon at KLCC is actually pretty OK. But the problem is that number76 is simply far superior, especially for customers like me who don't really wanna be there, but know that the only way they can get beautiful hair is if they spend hours at a hair salon. 

The nice hairstylist gave me so many choices for my hair color, and I really didn't know what to say because I just wanted to be pretty. At number76, I could just point at a photo, let Mr. Yoshi wring his hands around in despair for awhile and then get whatever hairstyle I wanted anyway. 

I think the difference between Centro Hair Salon at KLCC versus number76 Bangsar branch is basically this: 

number76: You can fall asleep or read your manga and know that you'll somehow look like a pretty girl at the end of many hours. At number76, they gave me a free perm because they thought I looked better with one. 

Centro Hair Salon: Don't fall asleep, you might wake up ugly! At Centro, they asked me to top up RM160 for a hair conditioning treatment, which I rejected, because I don't like it when hair dressers try to get you to pay more money after negotiations were already done at the counter beforehand. It felt like they were holding my hair hostage and demanding an extra RM160 for its release. Never negotiate with terrorists! 

Uhm, so anyway, here's what I got from Centro Hair Salon as a first time customer:

Vouchers for different hair treatments and such worth RM100. I'll never use these vouchers, so drop me an e-mail if you want them for free. 

Centro has a 7-day promise pledge, but number76 will also fix any hair regrets or errors you may have after your session as well. Speaking of which, have you guys heard of the girl who complained about A Cut Above's RM600 hair bonding session gone wrong? Creepy. 

What I like about Centro though is that the hairstylists don't force you to start conversations with them, there's pretty good free WiFi and bottomless coffee/tea/juice served. However, if you're comparing the cost of getting your hair done at number76 and Centro, then I'd still rather spend my money at number76. 


  1. You cheated on Yoshi?!


    I kinda maybe did the other day too. I came in on his day off for a treatment so Amy did my hair instead. Haha.

    And then karma hit and I ran right into my previous stylist outside BVII, and he told me your hair looks great. I is so shy.



    Yah I had a temporary moment of weakness because I just can't seem to find the discipline to regularly go to the hair salon so sometimes I just randomly go in before I overthink it (T_T)

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