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For the Bachelors: How to Plan a Legendary Stag Night Party in Kuala Lumpur

Two weeks ago, I was asked how I would go about planning an epic stag night in KL. The first thing that came to mind was to tie the groom-to-be up and hire a hairy male stripper for the lucky fella, but then after much research online, I discovered that hiring strippers from unregistered sources in Malaysia (even if there is ZERO sexual intent) can be quite a dodgy affair. So, strippers in KL are a no-go, I think. One's best bet would be to head over to Singapore if you really must have strippers.

The stag night in KL limits:

* No girls allowed
* No strippers allowed
* Must have booze
* Designed for men nearing/about 30s, necktie wearing men with high tastes
* Must not upset the bride-to-be
* Safety first (even when it doesn't look like it)


Get all the guys to corner the groom and force dress him up as Princess Aurora. Tuck him into a Zorbing ball filled with ice cold beer and roll the Zorbing ball down the hill. Have the rest of the stag party sip a can of beer while watching the groom's epic tumble-in-a-dress. 

Note: Zorbing is a physical sport where you latch yourself inside of a ball and they roll you down a hill. For maximum effect, you can also get the crew to pour water/beer in the ball as well so that you'll get drenched the moment the ball starts rotating all over the place. 

Bonus Points: Don't forget to take shots of the groom before, after and during the Zorbing. 

Next- Shower and change into next outfit. 

Stage 2: THE TEAM 

Everyone in the party gets to wear a customized stag night shirt. I was thinking of getting the fiance's face printed on the shirt, so that the groom-to-be would have to look at his lover's face all night. Hahahahaha. Also, the groom-to-be gets to wear a gold paper crown the whole day, because he's awesome. 

Next - Dinner time. 


I found an old-school pub in Damansara Kim that sells the best Guinness beer in Malaysia served with manly food such as hokkien mee, pork chop, deep fried bacon slices, wild boar curry, pigs in a blanket and pork vindaloo. Serve food with cigars and you'll have a happy bunch of men, I believe. The pub also has a live band playing, so you could get the groom-to-be to go up and either declare his undying love for his fiance or break out into a song before driving him home properly full and drunk on stout. 

Bonus: Keep the Guinness flow steady with drinking games! 

The Timeline

3pm: Pick up the STAG from home. Confiscate his phone and wallet immediately. Proceed to Stage 1.

4pm: Reach Lake Titiwangsa. Change costume and zorb in beer! 

6pm: Shower and change. 

730pm: Head over to the Online Pub, Damansara Kim 

12am: Head on home 

Where to Get the Stag Night Items in KL 

* Princess Aurora Costume from Costume Empire (RM100-150) 

Book Zorbing experience for stag party from First in Malaysia (RM20 for wet zorbing) by emailing the boss, CJ at 

* Gold paper crown and other party items can be purchased from Balloon Buzz

* Cigars can be purchased online at the Cigars Lounge, they have a wide range of cigars and pricing 

* Read more about the Online Pub food review by The Star and Time Out KL

So there you go. Don't forget to assign a designated driver for the night so everyone can get home safely! Party hard, boys!

For the ladies: Planning a hen night/bachelorette party in KL? Read about the party I planned for my best friends in August 2013! 

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