Friday, November 15, 2013

Pam's Night Out

If you're reading this right now, it means that you, my fuzzy little digital friend, are in need of a total relaxation pampering session very, very soon.

With plans to travel back-to-back from now all the way till February 2014 (and then there is a 6 months break before we head to Zurich in August), ahem, I didn't realise that I have a whole lot of stress weighing on me. Honestly and in all seriousness, I think that only Megan Fox has the ability to tumble out of bed looking like a sex goddess while she juggles her second pregnancy, her new baby and her other career stuff. Me, I'm like a damn Chinese panda who's hovering on the brink of extinction.

But this is not about Megan Fox. This is about what I did yesterday! I had a date... with myself!

Wewo had a dinner meeting at Pavillion, KL yesterday and instead of just picking him up from work like I always do, I decided to go earlier and treat myself to a relaxing evening instead. So I washed my hair with conditioner, wore a skirt, heels and put on some make up before heading out for a quiet evening with Lady Godiva.

It was only for an hour or so alone, but it was SO NICE to be away from everybody else and not have to worry about anything for at least 90 minutes of my life. Also, the hot milk chocolate from GODIVA doesn't look like much, but I actually had trouble finishing it! So delicious and rich and luxurious. Mmmmmm ~~~~ 

And that is all. 


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