Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovative Contest Post

// This is a contest blog post 

What would you do if you could make your home healthier?

Our home comes with a super large balcony area and the environment is magical during heavy rains, but the furniture seems to collect dust seemingly overnight. And then there are the weekly pesticide sprays just outside the house to get rid of mosquitoes and suspicious moulds that grow in unseen places, especially in this building that's over a decade old. I live with two tiny dogs as well, who are basically furballs that collect dust and dirt as they roll across the living room at least 15 hours a day. 

As a first-time home owner and wife, air quality is especially important to me because Wewo is susceptible to tonsil infection as well. So we've combated the problem with an air purifier and air dehumidifier, except that I just can't be bothered or motivated enough to turn those darn gadgets on everyday! Did you know that air purifiers need to be filled up with water every few hours as well? That's like super troublesome *shy* so even though I work from home all day, I only bother turning the gadgets on when my husband is asleep at night. 

My Philips Innovation Idea That Matters to Me 

To me, the ideal innovative idea should be so convenient that you can literally forget about it or take it for granted, i.e. like breathing. Breathing oxygen into your lungs is a great idea, but you don't really think about it. Get it, get it? Ahem. 

So my idea is to create an app or electronic device that can monitor the air quality at home in real-time and adjust it automatically, without requiring manual instructions. This would mean that I wouldn't have to force myself to get out of bed some nights and make sure that the dehumidifier and air purifier is turned on just so we don't wake up with sore throats the next day. This would mean that there would be one last thing for me to do in the morning (turn it off) and at night (turn it on)! More importantly, this would mean that we wouldn't be breathing in weird air particles into our bodies on a daily basis, either. 

A healthy home is a happy home, folks!  \ (^___^) /

Submit Your Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Idea 

What would you change about your home if you could? Submit an idea and you could win great prizes, too! Here's how  you do it in only one step: 

Click on the Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Contest website and key in your idea in 500 characters. Fill in your name, email and enter the correct verification code. Then hit SUBMIT and you're done! 

It only takes 5 minutes of your time and you could be the one to make the world a better place! 

You can then check out your submission in the gallery page or view other ideas as well. Besides contributing ideas for Healthy Homes, you can also give suggestions on how we can make Malaysia a safer city. 

Need more info? Click here to check out the Philips Malaysia Meaningful Innovation Ideas website! Also, here's an incentive for you to join the contest:

Quick!!! Think and submit your entry ASAP! Good luck!


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