Wednesday, November 6, 2013

River Rafting at Slim River

Most of the time, our Engineering group meetings turn out to be decadent food affairs involving either seafood, wine, junk food or all of the above. Now that we're older and a slight majority of us are married though, we've recently reverted back to our need for manly activities - like river rafting.

Which is perfect for team building and letting go of much stress and worries! Arr!

So we met up at 7-ish, had Mamak for breakfast and reached the meeting point near Slim River about 2 hours later (from Subang). At the meeting point, you can store all your valuables in the car, change and put on your sunblock before the real action begins.

The really nice guide then let us all stand on the back of a massive 4WD pick-up while they transported us down rocky paths and grassy areas to the riverbank. Arr. What could be manlier than riding on the back of a pick-up truck with other men!

Us at the river bank undergoing briefing and a really quick lesson on river rafting instructions. The dude on the left is the BOSS, part of the rescue team and photographer of our journey. Other river rafting companies don't invest in high grade safety gear like ours and the boss is never hands on, so if you're thinking of going river rafting in Malaysia, then you definitely need to choose PieRose (information below). 

My nose is so sharp and straight, right? I don't know why it looks like that and everybody tells me that Chinese people shouldn't have noses like that but Yvonne (on the left) has a pretty straight nose too. *shrug* It's the gathering of straight nose girls!

None of the photos were altered in any way, btw. I wanted to highlight the awesomeness of PieRose' photo taking skills. All he used was a point-and-shoot camera. 

Whee! We were wet in less than 5 minutes after the journey begun. 

We are smiling like innocent idiots, oblivious to what was coming next.

Hull! Water!

This is a "box canyon" in river rafting terms, I think.

It was when we plunged down 9-feet into more water. 

Yep, that's me on the left. 

And this is me hitting my knuckle against the rock because I refused to let go and tumble out of the raft. My knuckle is better now but I ended up falling out of the raft later anyway. I fell out three times! 

We made it past the plunge without falling out! Booya! 

Our navigator (up front) is a real bad ass. The captain who sat at the rear next to me actually lost his front tooth while river rafting. But he said that you had to be really, really clumsy or playful to have an accident like that. Most people just suffer bruises and scrapes. 

Can you spot Wewo holding on for dear life? 

Wewo is still holding on and I like how white his leg is. Tee hee. Wife pride.

I think this was the last time I fell out of the boat (they sabotaged us!). I was annoyed because I fell out and had to hop in back into the boat all by myself again while everyone was too busy saving my husband. Thanks, you guyyyyyyyyyyyys. *pout*

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!! 

Yeah. I would do it again. 

So then after the event, we were driven back to the meeting point in the 4WD, changed and had a homemade lunch courtesy of PieRose's mom. It was delicious! They also fed us chocolate bars, an apple, biscuits and water in the middle of our rafting trip as well, btw.

We then decided to drop by Sunway Pyramid for a body-feet massage session and while it was comforting, the feet massaging part can be torturous especially if you have new bruises forming on your legs! 

DIY Strap for Spectacles

As Wewo had poor eyesight, we thought it would be too dangerous for him to raft without his glasses but we didn't want it to fall out of the river, either. Our guide had an ingenius solution for us... invented by his dad, the boss: 

So now you know - all you need to keep your spectacles fastened is to connect the ends together with a plastic tube. Effective, cheap and it looks cool too! 

River Rafting in Malaysia (PieRose) 

The best river to raft in is Sungai Selangor but since it was raining season, the dams were closed and the river was dried up. Sungai Slim wasn't too bad as a second option, though. 

It's RM180 per pax plus gears and lunch provided. It normally takes 2 hours to finish the course but we did it in 1.5hours because we stubbornly refused to fall into the river of our own accord. And yes, they will make you flip the boat if you refuse to do it on your own. (T_T) 

I wanna try rafting at Sungai Singor next! 

Click here to read a detailed PieRose River Rafting Itinerary.  

How much did the river rafting photos from PieRose cost?

Only RM10! The boss personally rode a separate raft to take our photos during the journey and had it uploaded in Dropbox that very night. 

One last tip: PieRose only caters to 60 people (max) per day, so it's best to book your dates ASAP to prevent disappointment. Enjoy!


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