Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve plans

I'm working hard on Christmas Eve! One of the drawbacks to working from home is that while you can start work any time you want... you can't stop till you finish yo! Meanwhile... everyone else is on holiday mode!

Spent an afternoon at Jiin's yesterday. I was under the impression that we'd just have a mini baking session and have some girlie talk, but it somehow turned into a booze-cocktail fest with enough cookies to feed ourselves, our family, our colleagues and the poor.

It's goofy when it's all girls 

Just. look. at it!!! 

I didn't help bake though, because I was busy working in the morning (shy) but that's the nice thing about hanging out at your best friend's place - you can eat all the food and sleep on the sofa without any worries, nyahahaha. \(^_^)/

This just makes me look cool, as if I can hold my liquor 

But in reality I only had one cocktail out of six/seven they made... progress is progress, right? Right. 

It was raining, so we couldn't wear our bikinis and hang out by the pool. Replaced it with XXX-talk! Do you need some tips? Kiss while wearing menthol lip balm and  tug on his torso for something magical to happen. We found this in the COSMO! magazine! 

I don't think the pleasure map is correct, though? 

Fabulous rosemary chicken by the host!

I tried to run away without collecting a cookie bag, because I don't want to get fat over cookies. =,= but in the end Geri felt guilty about baking and running, so we took the elevator back up to Jiin's floor, and she was just STANDING THERE while the elevator doors open, ready to kill us for baking and running (allegedly). 

Dinner vegetables 

Dinner cocktail 

December is seriously the month of food and holidays! Even though we don't have much decorations this year, I think that as long as I get to have lots of funs with my Wewo, friends and dogs, then I am pretty lucky. Let's  be thankful this year and end 2013 with style! 

P/S - Cindy told me about her friends reading my Hen's Night blog and thanking me for the info. It made me shy but happy at the same time! Thank you for taking the time to thank me! The truth is that actually no one except Wewo knows that I blog... hahaha so it's surreal when I get people talking to me about my blog! Anyway, I will work hard and blog better next year! *deep bow* 


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