Monday, December 16, 2013

Our new family member - Cheffie la Peppe

So last Monday, Wewo decided to treat himself to a whole carton of Korean beer. Somehow or another, we ended up bringing home a brand new poodle named Cheffie la Peppe. Tah dah! She's a mini toy poodle.

Beer = New Poodle + Beer in our house, hahahahahahahah mwahahahah bwahahahahahah \(^_^)/

Cheffie and Poppy - two female poodles learning how to play and share 

Wewo supervising Cheffie 

Cheffie - white paws for socks, a white apron, white moustache and lightened eyebrows. What kind of poodle is she???!!! 

Cheffie, who gave up climbing up the table halfway 

Cheffie, serious document controller 

Cheffie - now comes in (almost) mini iPad size 

Look at how pretty her fur is!!! 


Pam, Poppy and Cheffie watching Boardwalk Empire at 11pm last Saturday. 

So pretty.

Oscar had a rough Saturday night because we decided to feed all the dogs Bailey's Irish Cream. 

Why Did You Get Another Dog? 

I've never seen a dual-colored mini poodle before, especially one who is as serious as Cheffie. When we met her, she wasn't wagging her tail and she didn't wear the happy, goofy smile most puppies seem to be born with. She was so SERIOUS and we figured that every family needs a serious member so ours might as well be a poodle. 

Two days later, Cheffie's tail faintly twitched in excitement/happiness and we were SO HAPPY, I think my heart grew a little bigger to fit her in it. 

Why Cheffie?

She has white paws and a white front, which looks like a mitten and apron. So Mr. Wewo decided that this dog is a Chef - hence, Cheffie. He also decided that she is a French girl. For a Frenchie though, she sure does eat a lot. 

Is it a good idea to have 3 dogs at home? Isn't it too much?

Oscar the 7 year old shih tzu is pretty self-sufficient and just chills all day. Poppy the 1 year old is hyper, but she is toilet trained so getting another tiny dog didn't seem like much of an issue. There are days that I have to mop the floor twice though and training a 4-month old puppy takes much more time (compared to Poppy, who toilet-trained herself in one day). Anyway, we are pretty happy with Cheffie. She's adorable and keeps Poppy company. No more feeling guilty about leaving home for long hours at a time! 

How to buy a dog in Malaysia

1. Check the vaccination card 
2. Get your puppy checked at your local vet to be sure that he/she is 100% healthy
3. Always ask for a discount
4. Never purchase a sleeping dog because while they may look cute and calm in their sleep, they can get pretty rowdy and hyper when they're awake. Make sure that the dog's true temperament suits yours. 
5. Get a chew toy for puppies because their teeth are always itchy. 
6. Before making your purchase, make sure you understand the full amount of what you're paying. Besides the dog, you might also need a doggie bed, absorbent pads for peeing, toys, food, shampoo, collar, leash and food bowl. 
7. Never name the dog first if you're not sure if you want a new pet! Wewo made the mistake of naming the Cheffie the first time he saw her, and that's why we went back and got her two days later. 

P/s - Oh yes, we also bought the Korean beer home!


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