Sunday, December 1, 2013

watermelon cake and pranking the husband

Long time no blog, Internet! I have been busy celebrating Wewo's birthday! And yes, in our family, Wewo gets birthday celebrations that last for DAYS.

The Zero Calorie Watermelon Cake 

You will need: candles, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream 

Cut the watermelon and shape your cake however you like it! I would suggest putting on the whip cream just before serving the cake, else it would kind of melt-off (but still tasted good!). The low calorie watermelon cake is a really good idea for Wewo who's counting calories right now (and he's already lost almost 10kg!) 

Satisfied customer bragged that it's the first time he finished his birthday cake in one seating. 

How I Pranked my Husband on His Birthday 

Step 1: Impress him with a box from Versace. Ooo, so posh! He opens it and it's an iPad mini cover. Yay! But no iPad mini inside. 

Step 2: 20 minutes later, surprise him with the real present. An iPad mini! And now you're free to spend the rest of the evening on your own because you've lost your husband to technology (for a while). 

The day after that, I packed us all up and drove us to Melaka for 3 days of decadent eating! More updates on that later because I need to go now and get ready. Flying off to Hong Kong for the finale of the birthday celebration - - - We're going to DISNEYLAND!!! 

Awesome Pawsome Pam 


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