Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wedding Gate Crashing / Heng Tai Games 2013

Warning: This post contains pictures of snakes, beetles and other disgusting creatures which I've shrunk to make it look less scary! 

So here are some funny games that aren't too over-the-top/demeaning and is memorable enough to photograph and videotape for memories:

1. Ask all the groomsmen to squeeze themselves into one car in 30 seconds. The smaller the car, the funnier.

2. The groomsmen must piggyback each other and walk across a reflexology path to get to the house.

3. Go to the Chinese traditional shop and purchase dried snake and lizards. The sensei will advise you on how to boil the dried snake/lizard along with red dates to create a delicious drink that is actually good for the skin. Boil the soup and place it in a clear container. All the groomsmen must drink the juice with a large bubble tea straw until it's completely finished.

Note: This drink only looks scary but actually tastes sweet. Great for photography!

4. Bug jelly for punishment or failure to complete any tasks (insects can also be purchased from Chinese traditional shops). The insects are 100% edible! All you need to do is pour instant jelly liquid on the bugs in an ice-cube tray and let it set.

Note: According to the groomsmen, this tastes really bad because the insect legs get stuck in between your teeth. But it looks so awesome  on camera, right?!

5. Picture frame task Runningman style: Setup a large picture frame and camera on tripod. The groomsmen must start the camera timer and strike a pose. Everyone must successfully appear in the camera shot holding the pose when the shutter goes off, with the groom in the middle. You may consider adding costume props as well.

Note: To make it funnier, the bridesmaids should secretly select the camera timer without letting the groomsmen know when the shot will be taken (5sec,10sec,30sec, etc)

6. Alternatively, groomsmen must copy yoga/panda poses and hold for 1 minute: 

Alternatively, you could also get the groomsmen to copy the stacked panda pose:

7. Freeze the key (or many keys) to the house in a block of ice cubes and get the groomsmen to figure out how to extract said key.

8. Play the limbo rock

9. A must-have game is the sweet, sour, spicy and bittersweet tasting session where the groom and his men must literally swallow an item that is sweet, sour, spicy and bittersweet. You can get bitter powder from the Chinese traditional medicine shop, condensed milk can be the sweetness, apple cider vinegar represents sourness and red chilli is a good representation of spiciness.

10. The final challenge should be the Q&A session especially for the groom! Some of the best questions I've heard are:
- Name all the bridesmaids
- Say something about the bride using the words sweet, sour, spicy and bittersweet
- How many moles does the bride have on her body?
- What is the last word the bride said to you yesterday night?

Advise for the groomsmen and groom

Don't just come with balls and money, come with flowers! A groom raised the bar by purchasing 24-stalked roses for each of the bridesmaids. Some of us were so shy that we kept trying to avoid being given the flowers (including me).

Every bridesmaid had one!!! 

The presentation looked really beautiful on camera and it reflects well on the groom. If you're worried about the costing issue, plan in advance and see if you can get the flowers from Cameron Highlands, or choose another flower that's cheaper than roses. I loved the flowers so much that I kept it well in the living room for one week! 

Come in style. Instead of ribbons and wedding teddy bears, these groomsmen arrived with war flags, ready to do epic battle so that one of their own could marry a bombshell for a wife. 

OK, that's all. Brides, don't forget to discuss ang pow money collection with your husband also! Most weddings collect one red packet at the main door and one more before letting the groom in to see the bride.

Have fun! xoxo Santarina Pam


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