Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is my life right now

I'm feeling like the worst dog owner ever because due to this and that, the initial plan of sending all three dogs to a luxurious pet hotel (for only RM25/night!) is cancelled because.... the pet shop is closing up for Chinese New Year holidays. Aw.

After much deliberation, we decided to send the two older dogs off to our regular pet boarding shop in Bangsar (for only RM20/night!) but that place isn't as nice as the pet hotel near our house. Cheffie, the youngest toy poodle is my lady boss and heart of my hearts, so we somehow bullied the pet hotel guys into literally driving her all the way from KL to Penang for us (return trip).

So yes, I'm separating my dogs and I'm basically ditching all of them for the next two weeks.

By some sleight of destiny, we suddenly found ourselves planning for three destinations in two weeks: Penang, Singapore and Bangkok. And by sudden destiny, I'm referring to the fact that I'll be flying to Singapore in exactly a week from now, but I haven't even purchased the return tickets - because that's how last minute everything is and I haven't gotten my whole schedule planned out yet.

And after Singapore, we'll be recuperating for two days before heading off to Bangkok/HuaHin, Thailand for a much anticipated wedding/holiday retreat which we already planned 6 months ago. I'd never plan to leave home for more than a week, so suddenly going away for over TWO WEEKS for work and leisure seems so stressful to me.

So, today is all about deep cleansing spring cleaning, packing for two countries and holding my dogs as tight as I can.

I hope they still love me when I get back. :( You'll still come and visit my blog too, right?

P/S - Seems like 2014 will bode well for rats! Read your Chinese horoscope forecast here: Just for fun! :) Happy CNY holidays, everybody!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My best friend's wedding (video)

There are a few things I intend to do in 2014 and most of it revolves around being a helpful sort of person and doing what I can to make someone else's life a little more fun. Sometimes I tend to stick my neck out way too much for my friends, but let's leave the post about how I basically promised and am currently the digital marketing planner for FREE for a friend's budding startup business in skin aesthetics (cough, Botox, cough!) --- let's leave that story for another day. Anyway, the point is, I plan to help out a lot of people this year. It's not really a resolution, but more like an attitude adjustment.

Today, my heart did a weird twist and turn, and I was so confused as I spent the afternoon creating... dun, dun, dun.. my bestest best friend's childhood montage for her wedding! It's such a weird feeling knowing that your dear friend is getting married - I half want to punch the guy and half want to skip around the room with her and start planning what schools our kids will go to (because obviously, our kids are gonna be best friends forever too, like, it's the LAW).

She's my bestie and I love her, but she's also a bridezilla so there is NO WAY for me to show off my hard work, except for these few snippets:

OMG Cartier rings to die for! 

And I'm feeling all gooey and confused and melancholic right now because I had to go through so many childhood photos of us together:

By the way, there is also NO WAY that I'm putting up my childhood photos because ... they're ugly! Hahahahahahaaha think funny haircuts and bad fashion sense! 

So this is me, feeling all sorts of crazy just because my best friend is getting married. 

In other news: helping others and being an overall nice person has paid off really well. Lots of good things are finally coming up in January! Wish me luck, you guys and I'll tell you more about it later (when I can be less discreet)! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nicolas Cage helped us celebrate our 1-Year wedding anniversary

One year ago, I decided to get hitched by crowding everyone we loved in a private bungalow with lots of cupcakes and booze. By 10pm, Oppa Gangnam music was playing, all the older relatives were dirty dancing and I thought that if this was going to be as good as it gets, then I'm a pretty happy wedded chic. 

365 days later, we've since added three dogs into the mix and experienced a crash course in studio apartment living. Again, I'm happy to report that if this is going to be as good as it gets for me, then I'm a pretty happy wedded chic. 

Nicolas Cage is my favorite Internet meme! I have a special soft spot for him since I realised that he loved Harry Dresden novels too so what better way to start your wedding anniversary day than to find out that Nicolas Cage is starring at you from... everywhere. 

Step One: Print and label your Nicolas Cages 

(Here's the version I used that's already been sized to A4). 

Nicolas Cage watching your surf the Internet 

Nicolas Cage judging the manga you read on your iPad

Nicolas Cage watching your watch TV while watching Nicolas Cage watch you watch... 

Nicolas Cage with YOUR MONEH


Nicolas Cage with your Chivas

Nicolas Cage in the kitchen 

Nicolas Cage in the beer 

Nicolas Cage in the toilet 

The result: Happy, laidback hubby who has zero pressure to over romanticise wedding anniversaries. In Malaysia, eating out is still relatively common, so we eat delicious food outside pretty often already without needing a reason to do so. For me, anniversaries should be about terrorising your better half. Yeah. Because that's why they choose you, right?

Also, this anniversary idea wasn't mine! I found it on Pinterest, which is like the gateway to all awesome party ideas. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Disneyland Hong Kong Fun Times for Adults

I'm supposed to take it easy this week, but ended up rushing lots of work before the Chinese New Year closing and... it's been brutal. So many serious adult thoughts have been running through my head and I've slept less than 15 hours in the past 3 days. And by adult thoughts, I do not mean I've been thinking about 50 shades of grey-kind of thoughts.

But it's a Friday today and with the week almost up, I think I can look forward to better things this end of January!

Here's a cheerful post on Pam's recommended things to do in HONG KONG DISNEYLAND:

The tickets are SO CUTE!!! 


If you are in a Disney theme park, you need to eat theme park food, OK? 

And you need to pair it up with crispy hot fries, OK? 

I ordered a fish burger, which was pretty large and scrumptious 

We went in early December on a weekday, so there was absolutely ZERO waiting time from one ride to another. I highly recommend the interactive Stitch show! 

If you have daughters, get them dressed up! I hear that the Princess costumes plus photos and make up cost around RM500 and I am so totally getting my future daughters to dress up as Disney princesses. SO PRETTY! 

Yes, a photo session with a Disney character is mandatory. 

Right after you get into the theme park, check out the billboard with all the showtimes so you'll never miss an event. Whatever you do, you MUST stay back and watch the Fireworks display at 8pm. The fireworks was so fabulous that during New Year's Eve, Wewo didn't care to watch any other type of fireworks.

Get yourself a hot, juicy turkey leg. 

Have afternoon tea! Everything was so delicious and amazing... even the cookies! 

Bonus points if you bring along a hot date to Disneyland

Who also finds it funny to play spot-Mickey's-balls. 

Other tips: 
1. Don't follow the crowd! Take the theme park train to the other end of the park and work your way down so you actually go against traffic 
2. Thanks to the addition of Toystory Land, it now takes 1.5 days to finish the entire Hong Kong Disneyland theme park 

OK, that's it! I'm going to stay away from the computer for the next 3 days because I seriously need some girlie, happy time now. Well... after the next meeting I have in two hours, anyway. 

LET'S WORK HARD FOR THE WEEKEND, YOU GUYS! *burning fiery spirit of passion* 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Location: Ayam Panggang 5 Bintang (Bangsar)

You guys can totally trust me when I say that I've found the best roasted chicken in Malaysia because ahem, I do not get paid to blog --- well, unless we are counting delicious nuggets of karma points --- anyway, I also rarely post about food recommendations but decided to do one on Ayam Golek Lima Bintang @ Nara Seafood since the restaurant relocated itself about one year ago and I had to live my life without eating this beautiful dish for an entire year before we actually found the new location!

So - I definitely recommend that you drop by this place for deliciously roasted chicken, best eaten with a side of eggs, kangkung and tom yam soup:

Nara Seafood GPS location courtesy of Anarm3.091210, 101.669046

The restaurant is just before the GPS location though, so do slow down about 500 meters from the GPS location. There is a bus stop located right in front of Nara Seafood and the restaurant faces this view:

KTM station I think? 

Humble food fare that tastes really delicious! 

The star of the show! Thank you chicken, we ate you well!

The total cost of Set A (2 bowls of rice, vege, tom yam soup, eggs and a whole chicken) plus Air Bandung Sirap and Kopi O was only RM41.20, which is pretty cheap considering that we could probably feed 3 people with our meal. And we ate a whole chicken.

Yes, I am also aware that I was too hungry to take proper shots of the chicken. If you google the words "ayam golek lima bintang" you can probably find lots and lots of photos that does justice to this chicken! Every bit is crispy, juicy, sweet and tender. If you're in the Klang Valley, you definitely need to try it!

That's it for me for tonight. I'm actually in over my head right now with some stuff at work, but I'll do my best to keep the posts regular anyway. Bon appetit and good night!

Ayan Golek Nara Seafood
Jalan Besar, Taman Bukit Angkasa,
Pantai Dalam, Wilayah Persekutuan
59200, Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Renewing the Passport in Kuala Lumpur (Sri Hartamas)

You guys, I just found the nicest place to renew your Malaysian passport!

I've previously been to the one in Port Klang and Kelana Jaya, both of which involve lots of standing around in a crowded, not-very-well ventilated space. The big government building in Sri Hartamas though comes with plenty of (free!) parking, seats and air-conditioning. Yay!

How to Get There 

I followed the GPS locations online and actually got directed to a dead-end road. So after a little run-around, here are the actual GPS coordinates to the parking in Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Sri Hartamas) N3° 9.962 E101° 40.031 

The view as you drive in. 

How to Renew Your Passport

Cozy! The very first thing you need to do is get your number (from the counter under the blue screen in the pic) 

Take the staircase/escalator up to the first floor and head towards the counter right in the middle of the large room. The officer will ensure that you have your passport, IC number and passport photo before taking you a number. Take the number and wait for about 20 minutes. 

Go to the counter when your name is called and submit your documentation. You can now go for a drink or play around with your tablet for another 20 minutes. 

Your number will be called again and you need to go up to the counter and make your payment. You then need to wait about an hour for your passport to be ready for collection, but you can still just chill by the passport collection counter (I think it was counter 1/2) just in case your passport is ready early for collection. I actually missed my number being called and had to sheepishly ask the officer about it. They were all really, really nice, though!  

Alternate Quest: You can also submit your documents and cash via the kiosk machines in the adjoining hall on the first floor, but the kiosk machines are usually out of order. Manual submission is still OK because I got there at around 930am and still got everything done in 2 hours, though.

Changes to the Passport Photo 

You need a white background now, but never fear because you can get your new photo taken at the building! From the ground floor, head towards the cafeteria to find two passport making booths. It was RM10 for 4 photos, I believe. Take your photo first before heading up to the first floor, else the officer will not issue you a waiting number. 

I hate taking photos from photobooths! I always turn out weird. See: 

My right ... 

... and my left side does not match! \ (0_0) / 
The girl on the right is a bright-eyed go-getter who's always in the centre of attention. The left side girl is a soft homebody who likes wearing pretty dresses and playing with fluffy dogs. 

What to do While Waiting 

Get there as early as you can, because you can always have a drink or breakfast while waiting!

My mee soto and Horlicks ice. Plenty of seats and various food available at the cafeteria. 

It's such a pretty cafeteria for a government building, right? 

Opening Hours

This office is only open on weekdays from 730am onwards so you'll need to take half day off to get your passport done. Be good and at least try to get there before afternoon, OK? Else they might run out of numbers and you won't be able to get your passport made that day. 

Alternative Quest: I heard that you can also renew your passport online and they will deliver it to you! I haven't actually done it before, so I'm not so sure. 

Other Info

You cannot travel overseas with a passport that will expire within the next 6 months. However, those balance 6 months (or less) from  your previous passport can be brought forward to your new passport.

Fees are RM100 for 2 year passports, RM300 for 5 year passports. 

What Happened Today

I had a Skype discussion this morning, so as usual for all Skype video calls, I get myself semi-dressed up for work. Then it turns out that it was a Skype phone call and now I don't know what to do with my face that no one else has seen. So here is a random photo of me looking morose in semi-make up and a blazer. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time looking at office clothes on I'm thinking that 2014 will be an exciting year!

Edit: My bestie called! We're going out for brunch in 15 minutes! Kthksbye guys

xoxo Pam 

This are is left blank on purpose