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3D2N Melaka Trip: Food and Fun on a Weekday! (Itinerary Included)

I am the antithesis of a backpacker.

I think that even if I were a boy, I couldn't bring myself to pack a bag, my passport and money then just land in a foreign place with no idea of what to do next. Back in college, it actually annoyed me when people pulled up in front of my house/dorm and randomly asked me out for supper/dinner. It's weird, right? I can stay in my PJs all day and eat cereal out of a box, but I simply cannot go on a holiday without having a PLAN.

I don't believe that I'm the only person in the world who thinks like this so I've included the 3D2N Melaka itinerary in this blog post. This is also a great food guide for people who are looking for a good meal in Melaka on WEEKDAYS!

Page One of 3D2N Melaka Plan 

Page Two of 3D2N Melaka Plan 

My copy! I printed it and hid it in the dashboard before packing in my husband and luggage into the car. Unlike most couples, I do majority of the driving in our relationship, and I like it that way. Plus, it was Wewo's surprise birthday party celebration --- which is when Wewo lets me take him away for a short holiday without him even knowing where we're going. He loves it! (Tip for Married Women/Girlfriends everywhere: Try surprising your man with an impromptu holiday! Bonus points if you pack the correct underwear and shirts he likes) 

First stop: Nyonya kuih at this quiet residential area. Baba Charlie is famous and you can read all about it in other blogs! 

Don't forget to purchase the RM1 Tapai located at the counter. 

Wewo, looking happy because he has Tapai - and he has still no idea where we're going next! Mwaahahahaha. I loved the look on his face when he found out that we'd be staying at a 5-star boutique hotel. And it's affordable, too! I'll blog about it tomorrow, OK? OK! 

Did you know that there is a GUN repair shop in Melaka? See the signboard! 

Dinner at Sin Yin Hoe Coffee Shop - His favourite oyster omelette dish! 

The soft shall crabs were OK, too 

486 Baba Low - this place is tricky to find! 

No signboards anywhere, and it was filled with people by the time we left. 

 486 Baba Low's location is opposite that house with zinc roofing

486 Baba Low's coordinate - the one on the paper is wrong :( 

The Nyonya Laksa was really good! Better than the one in Bangsar (which I also like) 

Wewo, pai tee and popiah 

This is the best durian cendol I've ever eaten in my whole life! 

Order the cendol and this nyonya rice dumpling at East & West Rendezvous, OK

After walking around Jonker Walk for a bit, it started to drizzle so we decided that it was time for cupcakes. Jonker Walk during the weekday is much better for us because we don't like crowds. Claustrophobia is real! 

Only in Melaka can you find a RM19 high tea for two! We just sat there for two hours, reading manga and munching on sweets. 

Big Eyes attempt - Fail 

Big Eyes attempt - SUCCESS! 

Most delicious tandoori chicken ever! 

This naan is not available on the menu. You need to look the waiter in the eye and order, "Jason Special Naan" to get this naan, and it is a beautiful naan, my friends. 

Wewo at breakfast - Can we all just stop scrolling and take a moment to admire how damn handsome this man is? 

Art Calanthe Cafe - so artsy fartsy 

The cleaning ... 

... and the maintenance of this place... *shiver* 

I'm going to learn how to make macha coffee with whip cream! 

This is not a girlie drink, it has alcohol in it - hence, the reason why he looks so happy 

If you come to Melaka, you MUST stay at Courtyard@Heeren! You MUST! 

Don't really wanna go home :( 

Xiang Ji pork satay before driving home... you can give this a miss, though. What's the big deal about pork satay, anyway? Chicken is better. Sometimes, life doesn't go the way you want it to. We had to visit this place three times because it was close at the weirdest hours. You can look up the phone number of the shop and call before you go, but it really isn't a big deal. 

If you look at the list, there are also two shops that we didn't manage to visit as well. Nevermind! 
Next time! \(^_^)/ If you do go to the places (that I didn't go to), please let me know if the food is delicious!

The next Klebang Original Coconut Shake GPS location! 

OK, I can drive home now. 


We felt really smug because instead of lining up for chicken rice, we ordered it takeaway and then reheated it for a quiet dinner at home after our long drive. It still tasted good! 

We were also too full for mille crepes, but didn't want to give Nadeje a miss. So we bought the cakes home and had it for breakfast. If you're traveling long distance, you need to purchase the RM90 bag plus ice packs to prevent your cake from melting mid-journey! This means that instead of buying a small slice of cake, you should buy a LARGE WHOLE cake to make the bag purchase worth it. And that is how economics helped you gain an extra 2 pounds --- but that's OK, because all that walking around Melaka the past 3 days would mean that you're in a calorie deficit, anyway! 

Yes, I also had an itinerary prepared before we went off to Hong Kong and I'm actually currently in the midst of preparing another one for Bangkok, Thailand travels next month. Blog soon and don't forget to go on a holiday once in awhile, everybody! 

 Love, Pam

P.S. Just in case you're curious, the first time we celebrated Wewo's birthday, we went to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. The year after that, I introduced him to green-living at The Dusun, which you can read about here and here.

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