Monday, January 13, 2014

Courtyard @ Heeren (3D2N Melaka Trip on a Weekday)

The 3D2N Budget to Melaka 

Boutique Hotel: RM500
Food: RM300 (for 2)
Fuel and Toll: RM100

Total: Worth it, you guys!

Note: This is a continuation from yesterday's post about our 3D2N Melaka trip. Did you read it? Read it, OK!

Welcome to your nirvana in Melaka, Internet. 

Today's post is all about the award-winning hotel - Courtyard @ Heeren. There are only 15 rooms available, so if you're going during peak season - book early! We went there on a weekday and it was fully booked, even during non-holiday season because it is just that popular. 

Our welcome drinks in the lobby, served with hot towels, thank you very much 

An unassuming facade because it's on a UNESCO Heritage site. 

The lobby area 

Who else misses Christmas trees? 

Visitors are welcome to free cups of ice cold lemon water, which is important since you'll definitely spend a lot of time walking around. Courtyard @ Heeren is IN Jonker Walk, so you can just imagine all the adventures that await outside the doorstep! 


Open space area between the lobby and guest rooms 

Lobby again. The antler head is a very popular interior piece right now, but I think I still prefer art paintings and picture frames. 

Wewo trying to look non-plussed, because he had no idea where we were going, or where we were staying. I'm happy to report that he was quite content to discover that we'd be bunking in Courtyard for the next 3 days of our Melaka stay. 

Pam and nyonya kueh. Getting ready for an afternoon nap after driving from KL to Melaka 
(who says women can't drive, eh? *fist bump*)

Pro-tip for bed eaters: Line your kueh/snacks with a hand towel so you can eat like a boss on the bed without worrying about crumbs or oil. 

A shot of the bed without me in it. SO PRETTY!!! The toilet area was also gorgeous, with an open-air design and a large sink with plenty of room to brush your teeth and put on make-up at. 

You know you're going to have a good day when you turn on the TV and Tom Hiddleston is on. 

The breakfast area is across the street. The people are friendly, the food is delicious and we couldn't believe that we only paid RM250/night for a well furbished room (plus wifi) and delicious buffet breakfast spread that changes every day. 

Here is a random photo of a handsome man having breakfast. 

But Pam, there are already so many other hotels in Melaka. Why Courtyard@Heeren? 

1. It's located right in the heart of Jonker Walk and provides free parking for guests. So all we needed to do was park our car and then spend the rest of the day walking, eating, sleeping, walking, eating ... 

2. It's gorgeous! Like the Nipah Guesthouse in Pangkor, Courtyard @ Heeren is also a TripAdvisor winner so even if you don't feel like doing anything, lounging around the hotel is enough to soothe your holiday senses 

3. And now that we've been there, Wewo says that we should go back again (and again) because of the service, the quality and overall awesomeness of the place. 

Ready to book? This link sends you to the Courtyard @ Heeren website. Do note that it requires advance payment due to the popularity of the hotel. I don't think you can just walk-in and get a room, so always plan in advance! 

xoxo, Planner Pam 

P/S 1 - Yes, this is a non-paid post! 

P/S 2: Also, just in case you missed it... here's the itinerary on our 3D2N trip to Melaka while we stayed at Courtyard @ Hereen. 


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