Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cute Diary Planners 2014 in KL, Malaysia

New Year, New Diary!

My previous diary was this boring red planner I got from POPULAR out of sheer desperation (what day is it? what was I supposed to do today?) and it was SO BORING that I literally didn't want to touch it or hold it, much less look at it. But I used it anyway, because I am an OCD person who likes to know what's going on every day of my life. Can someone please explain why most bookstores in Malaysia/KL do not stock cute diaries? When I was a kid, you could find it everywhere!

So here's a quick recommendation for girls like me who love pretty functional things - Cute  Diary/Planners for 2014 in KL!

I got mine from Kinokuniya, KLCC but I also heard Typo, KLCC sells cute planners.

I look super formal today, right? January is always packed with client meetings. 

Monthly calendar 

Daily/Weekly Calendar 

The last page has cherry deco and contains all your personal information 

More pages for ideas and notes 

A train map! This diary is from Japan, but it works well in Malaysia too. It's also a good motivation for me because I either want to go to Japan in Christmas 2014, or Sakura season 2015. 

I also just found out that you can buy your planners online at Kinokuniya for less than RM40. One year, I also bought my diary from a seller on Low Yat forum, but I guess it's pretty hard to earn profits from only selling diaries every year. If you're looking for a diary planner like mine (they also have lots of other motifs or patterns), head towards the Japanese book section on the lower floor of Kinokuniya. The diaries should be arranged near the window. 

So there you go - a non-paid advertisement on how you can make your day-to-day life prettier and much more organised with a planner. I bring mine out everywhere I go! Well, except to meal time. 

Coffee break time!

xoxo, Pam 


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