Friday, January 24, 2014

Disneyland Hong Kong Fun Times for Adults

I'm supposed to take it easy this week, but ended up rushing lots of work before the Chinese New Year closing and... it's been brutal. So many serious adult thoughts have been running through my head and I've slept less than 15 hours in the past 3 days. And by adult thoughts, I do not mean I've been thinking about 50 shades of grey-kind of thoughts.

But it's a Friday today and with the week almost up, I think I can look forward to better things this end of January!

Here's a cheerful post on Pam's recommended things to do in HONG KONG DISNEYLAND:

The tickets are SO CUTE!!! 


If you are in a Disney theme park, you need to eat theme park food, OK? 

And you need to pair it up with crispy hot fries, OK? 

I ordered a fish burger, which was pretty large and scrumptious 

We went in early December on a weekday, so there was absolutely ZERO waiting time from one ride to another. I highly recommend the interactive Stitch show! 

If you have daughters, get them dressed up! I hear that the Princess costumes plus photos and make up cost around RM500 and I am so totally getting my future daughters to dress up as Disney princesses. SO PRETTY! 

Yes, a photo session with a Disney character is mandatory. 

Right after you get into the theme park, check out the billboard with all the showtimes so you'll never miss an event. Whatever you do, you MUST stay back and watch the Fireworks display at 8pm. The fireworks was so fabulous that during New Year's Eve, Wewo didn't care to watch any other type of fireworks.

Get yourself a hot, juicy turkey leg. 

Have afternoon tea! Everything was so delicious and amazing... even the cookies! 

Bonus points if you bring along a hot date to Disneyland

Who also finds it funny to play spot-Mickey's-balls. 

Other tips: 
1. Don't follow the crowd! Take the theme park train to the other end of the park and work your way down so you actually go against traffic 
2. Thanks to the addition of Toystory Land, it now takes 1.5 days to finish the entire Hong Kong Disneyland theme park 

OK, that's it! I'm going to stay away from the computer for the next 3 days because I seriously need some girlie, happy time now. Well... after the next meeting I have in two hours, anyway. 

LET'S WORK HARD FOR THE WEEKEND, YOU GUYS! *burning fiery spirit of passion* 


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