Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Resolution 2014, Christmas and Looking Forward

There's a 7-day delay to my blog posts because I just became an aunt on 31 December 2013!!! Baby JJ is the CUTEST ever and looks EXACTLY like my husband. Which means.... will my future baby (not now, future!) look like my brother-in-law? Aahhh!!! If I could choose, I'd want sweet little girls that I can dress up Audrey Hepburn style all the time!! 

Anyway, here's my Christmas/New Year celebration in a nutshell: 

Tips for selecting buffet in Kuala Lumpur: I didn't want to spend too much on buffet, since we don't really eat a lot these days, but we had a really great time at Shang-Ri La, Lemon Cafe! The bill was RM390 net for two people on Christmas Day, it came with great service and party items too! We're going back there again because Wewo really couldn't get enough of the jumbo losters and Alaskan crab. 

On New Year's Eve, we headed to Vasco's at Hilton KL but the buffet was OK only. I think we would have been much more impressed if we didn't already enjoyed the best at Shang-ri La! The bill was also around RM400+ because New Year's is more expensive, but they have the best bread pudding I've ever tasted in my life over there. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't eat two bowls of the bread pudding! 

The last week of December has been an odd-feeling week for me because I keep trying to imagine what my life would be like a year from now. Last year, I was gearing up for a wedding and suddenly 365 days later, I'm celebrating the end of a beautiful year. Next year, we'll probably be driving back to Penang every Christmas to make special memories with a growing Baby JJ while New Year will be spent making hotpot and turkey legs in our new home. Time is moving on and I hope that I'll never be late for it! 

Happy New Year 2014 from the well-fed couple! 

Wewo teases me a lot about how much I love Cheffie, our new puppy. But just look at how funny she is! Cheffie thinks she's a cat, because why else would she somehow climb up the 2nd level bookcase? 

Also, she has the cutest Charlie Chaplin butt ever. 

So it's back to work for me --- at least for a little while, until Chinese New Year arrives at the end of the month! Love! 

xoxo Pam 


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