Monday, January 27, 2014

Nicolas Cage helped us celebrate our 1-Year wedding anniversary

One year ago, I decided to get hitched by crowding everyone we loved in a private bungalow with lots of cupcakes and booze. By 10pm, Oppa Gangnam music was playing, all the older relatives were dirty dancing and I thought that if this was going to be as good as it gets, then I'm a pretty happy wedded chic. 

365 days later, we've since added three dogs into the mix and experienced a crash course in studio apartment living. Again, I'm happy to report that if this is going to be as good as it gets for me, then I'm a pretty happy wedded chic. 

Nicolas Cage is my favorite Internet meme! I have a special soft spot for him since I realised that he loved Harry Dresden novels too so what better way to start your wedding anniversary day than to find out that Nicolas Cage is starring at you from... everywhere. 

Step One: Print and label your Nicolas Cages 

(Here's the version I used that's already been sized to A4). 

Nicolas Cage watching your surf the Internet 

Nicolas Cage judging the manga you read on your iPad

Nicolas Cage watching your watch TV while watching Nicolas Cage watch you watch... 

Nicolas Cage with YOUR MONEH


Nicolas Cage with your Chivas

Nicolas Cage in the kitchen 

Nicolas Cage in the beer 

Nicolas Cage in the toilet 

The result: Happy, laidback hubby who has zero pressure to over romanticise wedding anniversaries. In Malaysia, eating out is still relatively common, so we eat delicious food outside pretty often already without needing a reason to do so. For me, anniversaries should be about terrorising your better half. Yeah. Because that's why they choose you, right?

Also, this anniversary idea wasn't mine! I found it on Pinterest, which is like the gateway to all awesome party ideas. 


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