Thursday, January 16, 2014

Renewing the Passport in Kuala Lumpur (Sri Hartamas)

You guys, I just found the nicest place to renew your Malaysian passport!

I've previously been to the one in Port Klang and Kelana Jaya, both of which involve lots of standing around in a crowded, not-very-well ventilated space. The big government building in Sri Hartamas though comes with plenty of (free!) parking, seats and air-conditioning. Yay!

How to Get There 

I followed the GPS locations online and actually got directed to a dead-end road. So after a little run-around, here are the actual GPS coordinates to the parking in Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Sri Hartamas) N3° 9.962 E101° 40.031 

The view as you drive in. 

How to Renew Your Passport

Cozy! The very first thing you need to do is get your number (from the counter under the blue screen in the pic) 

Take the staircase/escalator up to the first floor and head towards the counter right in the middle of the large room. The officer will ensure that you have your passport, IC number and passport photo before taking you a number. Take the number and wait for about 20 minutes. 

Go to the counter when your name is called and submit your documentation. You can now go for a drink or play around with your tablet for another 20 minutes. 

Your number will be called again and you need to go up to the counter and make your payment. You then need to wait about an hour for your passport to be ready for collection, but you can still just chill by the passport collection counter (I think it was counter 1/2) just in case your passport is ready early for collection. I actually missed my number being called and had to sheepishly ask the officer about it. They were all really, really nice, though!  

Alternate Quest: You can also submit your documents and cash via the kiosk machines in the adjoining hall on the first floor, but the kiosk machines are usually out of order. Manual submission is still OK because I got there at around 930am and still got everything done in 2 hours, though.

Changes to the Passport Photo 

You need a white background now, but never fear because you can get your new photo taken at the building! From the ground floor, head towards the cafeteria to find two passport making booths. It was RM10 for 4 photos, I believe. Take your photo first before heading up to the first floor, else the officer will not issue you a waiting number. 

I hate taking photos from photobooths! I always turn out weird. See: 

My right ... 

... and my left side does not match! \ (0_0) / 
The girl on the right is a bright-eyed go-getter who's always in the centre of attention. The left side girl is a soft homebody who likes wearing pretty dresses and playing with fluffy dogs. 

What to do While Waiting 

Get there as early as you can, because you can always have a drink or breakfast while waiting!

My mee soto and Horlicks ice. Plenty of seats and various food available at the cafeteria. 

It's such a pretty cafeteria for a government building, right? 

Opening Hours

This office is only open on weekdays from 730am onwards so you'll need to take half day off to get your passport done. Be good and at least try to get there before afternoon, OK? Else they might run out of numbers and you won't be able to get your passport made that day. 

Alternative Quest: I heard that you can also renew your passport online and they will deliver it to you! I haven't actually done it before, so I'm not so sure. 

Other Info

You cannot travel overseas with a passport that will expire within the next 6 months. However, those balance 6 months (or less) from  your previous passport can be brought forward to your new passport.

Fees are RM100 for 2 year passports, RM300 for 5 year passports. 

What Happened Today

I had a Skype discussion this morning, so as usual for all Skype video calls, I get myself semi-dressed up for work. Then it turns out that it was a Skype phone call and now I don't know what to do with my face that no one else has seen. So here is a random photo of me looking morose in semi-make up and a blazer. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time looking at office clothes on I'm thinking that 2014 will be an exciting year!

Edit: My bestie called! We're going out for brunch in 15 minutes! Kthksbye guys

xoxo Pam 


  1. Hi, is the branch opening on Saturday for passport renewal ?

    1. Hey Darren,

      Sorry bro, it's open Monday to Friday only :(

    2. Thank you for sharing this info. It is helpful

    3. I'm glad! Thanks, George Siew. Unfortunately, my passport is expiring soon again so I will need to go soon! Hopefully nothing has changed so far (and this time I will renew for a longer period).

  2. Hi Pam. Appreciate you taking time to share the above. Just wanted all our Malaysians to know I read another blog dated March 2014 that “Latest update is that the Immigration Passport office will take your digital photo(live capture), so you don’t need to bring your own photo”. Selamat Sejahtera. p/s : Be Happy wherever you are

  3. p/s : Latest Opening hours refer

    1. Thanks for sharing, Dan. This is especially useful for me since I'll need to renew my passport again this year. And I heard it's cheaper to renew your passport now! Awesome!

  4. Awesome sharing guys. Thank you. I actually come across Pam's blogs when my Sabahan friend asking me where to renew his passport in KL area. Kudos Pam for your blogs.

    1. Wow! Thanks Edward, your post certainly made my day. :)

      You can expect an updated post coming soon because my passport is expiring soon (T_T) <--- person who hates lining up

  5. Hello .. May I know that may I take my own passport photo from outside to renew my passport ???

    1. Hey Valeriee!

      This year, you won't have to bring your own photo... they will take your photo at the counter. Must show your forehead in the photo! :)

    2. Hi, how about guy ? Also have to make the hair up showing forehead ??

    3. Hi Thai Hong! Sorry I missed your reply from so long ago ... and yes, have to show forehead for boys and girls. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing!! omg you saved my life! i have to go renew my passport tmr and your post is the biggest help i can find from internet!! Thanks!! keep up the good ppsts!!!

    btw i love your humor haha!

    1. Did everything go well with your passport renewal??? Apparently you don't have to prepare a passport photo now... they will take it on the spot! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, you made my day :)


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