Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is my life right now

I'm feeling like the worst dog owner ever because due to this and that, the initial plan of sending all three dogs to a luxurious pet hotel (for only RM25/night!) is cancelled because.... the pet shop is closing up for Chinese New Year holidays. Aw.

After much deliberation, we decided to send the two older dogs off to our regular pet boarding shop in Bangsar (for only RM20/night!) but that place isn't as nice as the pet hotel near our house. Cheffie, the youngest toy poodle is my lady boss and heart of my hearts, so we somehow bullied the pet hotel guys into literally driving her all the way from KL to Penang for us (return trip).

So yes, I'm separating my dogs and I'm basically ditching all of them for the next two weeks.

By some sleight of destiny, we suddenly found ourselves planning for three destinations in two weeks: Penang, Singapore and Bangkok. And by sudden destiny, I'm referring to the fact that I'll be flying to Singapore in exactly a week from now, but I haven't even purchased the return tickets - because that's how last minute everything is and I haven't gotten my whole schedule planned out yet.

And after Singapore, we'll be recuperating for two days before heading off to Bangkok/HuaHin, Thailand for a much anticipated wedding/holiday retreat which we already planned 6 months ago. I'd never plan to leave home for more than a week, so suddenly going away for over TWO WEEKS for work and leisure seems so stressful to me.

So, today is all about deep cleansing spring cleaning, packing for two countries and holding my dogs as tight as I can.

I hope they still love me when I get back. :( You'll still come and visit my blog too, right?

P/S - Seems like 2014 will bode well for rats! Read your Chinese horoscope forecast here: Just for fun! :) Happy CNY holidays, everybody!


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