Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2D1N in Hua Hin: Eco Village, Swiss Sheep Farm and Santorini Park

Day two: Woke up in the morning at a boutique hotel brimming with Thai accents everywhere. 
So pretty!

Wewo is on track to drinking his way through Thailand - different day, different alcohol! This wine cooler was RM10 for 3 bottles (100baht)

I was worried that I got scammed when I bought sticky mango rice dessert for 50baht (RM5!) but ... 

It TASTES GOOD, you guys! I was so full the previous night then I actually kept it in the fridge overnight, but the flavors and texture was still delightfully scrumptious even though I wasn't eating it fresh. You must buy this if you visit Hua Hin night market. You should also try out the corn, which sold out before I had the chance to taste it. :( 

The view from our hotel lobby while we waited for our personal driver to pick us up. Every inch of the place is wiped down by the hotel personnel in the morning. 

You can just imagine how big the car is, right? 
(I'll leave contact details below so you can hire your own personal driver in Hua Hin/Bangkok too)

First stop: Eco Village, Hua Hin! 

Notes: Free entry, spent about an hour here

Eco Village is basically an area where a bunch of vintage-themed shops and cafes are meshed together, thereby culminating in... glorious food! I tried the fried plantain... 

And I tried the mini pancakes (very sweet!)

And when you get to a vintage village, you need to order vintage Coke, right? 


Barber Pam in the house! Who's next? MWAHAHAHAHAH 

This reminds me so much of my childhood. When I was in primary school, I used to rush to finish all my homework at school so I could then buy lots of junk food and snuggle in bed all afternoon while snacking and reading Enid Blyton. And there you have it... the secret to bringing up a good student. 

If you see this, try this! 

It looks like this under covers. Delicious and perfect for a hot day. 

Next stop: Swiss Sheep Farm!

Notes: Small fee to enter, spent about an hour here

Observe how beautifully I pose my legs, OK? 

BTW, all of these photos were taken with a RM20 tripod I bought from a random camera store in Bangsar. I highly recommend getting one for groups and couple holidays - don't be shy just because your camera is a point-and-shoot! 

... because it was eve of Valentine's Day. Thai people take their Valentine's Day celebration very seriously, which I will tell you more about in the next blog post. 

Spot the husband! 


And After. 

It's not a tourist holiday if you don't take cheesy photos.

Like this one... 

And this one... 

Next stop: Santorini Park! 

Notes: Small fee to enter, spent about an hour here

It totally doesn't look like we're in Thailand, right, you guys? 

Awesome optical illusion where Wewo looks tiny. It amuses me. 

This love is gangsta, babeh.

My favourite picture from this holiday! 

Wewo doing a good job of looking chill 

When pigs cats fly 

Random ZOMBIE!

After that, we headed back to Bangkok for more shopping, the best green curry I've ever had in my life and more booze. Stay tuned, you guys!

Pam recommends hotel: 

Pam recommends taxi: 
Mr. Roong didn't show up on the next day (!!!) but he sent a friend to drive us around in a nicer car instead. Said driver friend was very awesome - opening doors for both of us each time and was very polite. Having said that, he was also unfamiliar with Bangkok roads and we actually lost 2 hours due to being lost. So, no... I would not recommend Mr. Roong and his friends. Instead, try calling this number:

Mr. A (087-0762366, 084-6703388). This is the best taxi guy I've ever met in terms of service, cleanliness, handsomeness, sense of humor, integrity and more importantly, he drove us around from 7am till night time for only RM200. 

Want more ideas on what to do around Hua Hin? Read Chantelle's blog post on her amazing time at Hua Hin (note: she is a babe, guys, so click the link OK) 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2D1N in Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi Airport: Day One

I'm starting off my 201th post with my first day to Thailand! Woo hoo! May all of us travel the world more this year! My basic plan for Day One was to fly to Bangkok then get our personal driver to drive us to Hua Hin. We checked into the hotel and then basically spent the rest of the afternoon/evening eating dinner, having road snacks, getting a food massage and buying trinkets. Everything was within 5-minutes walking distance!

(Also, yes, I have an Excel sheet for the Bangkok itinerary as usual. I'll upload it in a few days so stay tuned)

Fresh and bright-eyed on the way to the airport 

It's weird, we took MAS to Thailand but somehow ended up on the crummy side of the KLIA airport with nothing to eat for breakfast except Old Town (=____=) The noodles was alright, anyways! 

Wewo is saving up his calories for Thailand. AHAHAHAHAHHA 

Any where I go will be fun, as long as I get to go with him. 

HIS FIRST BEER! Did I mention that my husband was on a 5-day drinking mission? 

Some weird stuff we bought at 7-11 before taking a 3-hour ride to Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi airport. 

Incidentally, they pronounce Suvarnabhumi without the "i". That's weird, right? 

Dinner at Lung Ja Seafood, which is 5 minutes walking distance away from the hotel! Just ask the nice hotel receptionist how to get to the night market and she'll draw out a map for you. 

Yup, beer. 

If you order the lobster, you'll get a fried rice FREE and it comes with juicy fresh crab meat. Depending on your haggling skills, I suspect that you can even get the uncle to throw in a plate of vegetables for free. 

We ended up ordering a plate of mango salad (som tam) later on, which cost like RM5. 

Look at it! Lobster is first boiled and then charcoal grilled so it's sweet and juicy on the inside with a charcoal after taste. We actually had trouble finishing the lobster so this is definitely enough for 2 pax. 

I'll come back for you again, Mr. Lobster!

Look at how big the lobster meat is!

The receipt for our meal, which is basically about RM222. 

Foot and body massage after touring the night market! 

Hanging out at Thai Thai massage, highly rated on Trip Advisor. It's equipped with Wi-Fi!

Click on the image to enlarge and check out the latest pricing. For Malaysians, just remove the last zero at the back to get an idea of how much it costs in RM. NOT BAD, RIGHT? 

More Hua Hin Details

Pam recommends hotel: 

Pam recommends taxi: 
We actually used Mr. Roong taxi, who's really famous on the Internet but he turned out to be so Roong for us. I'll tell you why tomorrow and will recommend you a better driver! 

Pam recommends massage centre: 
Thai Thai Massage centre (go before 830pm because it's really popular with the tourists)

This are is left blank on purpose