Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is it safe to travel to Bangkok? (Feb 2014)

Check it out! Pam in a tuk-tuk just outside the protest site at Pratunam, Bangkok. 

Guys, it's the BEST TIME to hop over to Bangkok for a holiday right now. Everything is super cheap (like 50% cheaper, even by Malaysian standards) and the locals are especially nice to tourists. In terms of robbery, kidnapping, traffic accidents and snatch-thefts, Thailand is even safer than Malaysia!

I love Bangkok! Wewo is even talking about spending 3-day weekends in Bangkok so we can make more suits and dine on fresh lobster flesh. 

Of course he loves it - he had a full tailor-made suit, tailored dress shirt and four silk ties made for only RM400 in only 24 HOURS. He was so satisfied with the product that we ordered two extra tailor made pants that was ready in 4 HOURS, delivered neatly to our hotel room (which was a 5-star hotel with 3-star pricing). I thought I'd never buy anything from Bangkok because I've outgrown night market trinkets but I ended up having a fun time shopping at the ZARA warehouse outlet conveniently located under the hotel.

Leave a comment if you want to know more info about where we went, what we ate, what we did (it involves curry crabs, lobsters, RM4 mojitos and a crazy boat ride in the floating market) and how we traveled around the country with our own personal driver --- for only RM200 a day.

I'll blog more frequently again now that my traveling days are well and over (for awhile at least). 2014 is a great career year for rats! Let's make more money!

Love and lots more love, Pam


  1. Uhm YES! Of course I want to hear more! :) :) :)

  2. hehe I'm working hard on it! Thanks sweetie :3

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