Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pet Transportation (Penang to KL)

Hey guys!

I'm back in KL for a few days and am currently missing my poodle SOOOO MUCH. 

This. I miss this furball whom I left in Penang. 

Being the youngest dog at home means that Cheffie has never been alone, so spending quality one-on-one time with her in Penang while the other dogs were at a boarding home in KL was awesome. Cheffie is super clingy and would follow me everywhere, even to the toilet. (=,=) 

Since we took a plane to Penang, we had a friend drive Cheffie from KL to Penang (since it was on the way) but the problem was that due to a change of plans, Cheffie would only be coming back 5 DAYS AFTER US so ... that is how I coldheartedly left my Poodle all the way back in Penang while I sit here in my cozy humble abode, typing away at my keyboard and trying not to miss her too much.

Incidentally, you can actually transport your pet anywhere across West Malaysia with Pet's Pet Taxi! The guy is super nice (his name is Petri) but although it was super convenient to transport Cheffie within 24 hours, it was just too expensive. I was quoted RM900 or RM700 (sharing) for travel from Penang to KL. If you're desperate to transport your pooch (especially if it's a large pooch), then Pet's Pet Taxi is a great option and I think it's much cheaper to travel around KL/PJ since he's based there. 

He answers his SMS-es really quickly at 018-870 7220. Check out Petri's Pet Taxi Facebook, too. 

As for us, we decided to let Cheffie stay at a 5-star pet hotel in Penang until her ride back home is ready. The funny thing was that it almost broke our hearts and Wewo was so sad that he couldn't say anything for awhile. I know, we are so weird! 

Cheffie in her large, comfy glass cage. Feed twice a day, shampoo before pick-up and walkabouts once a day included. RM24/night and the room is fully air-conditioned. The staff was very professional and inspected Cheffie's full body before boarding her in the cage. 

Cheffie is living here for a few days! CTY Aquarium and Pet Hotel along Jalan Burmah/Kedah. Tel: 04-226 8797. Apparently, all local Penang people know where CTY Aquarium is! That place is large and has all sorts of animals! 

Oh well. Dogs need to learn how to be alone so that they can become independent, right? 

Sad, Pam 


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