Monday, February 10, 2014

What to Eat in Hong Kong

Popular Restaurants in Hong Kong don't close down, but they do move! I learned this the hard way when we spent hours and hours looking for food shops all over the island last December so it's always a good idea to double check the current address of the restaurants before going.

We had an eat-more-than-you-shop trip to Hong Kong, but here are 5 of my favourite MUST EAT places every time I go back to the HK:

#5: Microwave hot curry fishballs at 7-11 and eat it by the sidewalk. I go to HK when it's cold season, so this is a pretty fun tourist thing to do. 

While you're at it, buy cup noodles, too! The HK 7-11 even sells poached eggs to go along with your meal. It was delicious and I ate it well! 

#4: Order eggs and egg puddings at Australian Dairy Farm. I like to order the yellow and white egg pudding, but Wewo likes the eggs cooked there better. 

We also tried the macaroni over there. It's popular, but it's a little salty for our taste. 

How to go: 
Stop at MTR Jordan, get off at Exit C2 and walk straight ahead. You'll be able to spot the restaurant at the next crossroads in less than 5 minutes. 

47 Parkes Street, Jordan 

#3: Honeymoon Dessert at Harbour City

Even stalls in food courts can move! Luckily, the mango pancakes and durian pancakes are still divine. Like Malaysia's food courts, you need to first place your order at the stall, head to the counter and pay then go back to collect your dessert. 

How to go: 
Stop at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui, get off at Exit A1. Harbour City is directly behind the exit so do a U-turn at the exit and keep walking until you see a large building with the words HARBOUR CITY. The building also has lots of designer shops as well, so happy hopping! 

#2: Egg tarts and pork buns from Tai Cheung Bakery 

The egg tarts were so delicious that we didn't take a photo of it, but you know that it's delicious when it gets the seal of approval from a guy who doesn't eat sweets! We spent over an hour just to get to the original Tai Cheung bakery branch at Lyndhurst Terrace, only to find out that they have a NEW BRANCH at the Kowloon Pier which we hung out at the whole day. (=.=) 

How to go: 
Stop at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui and head towards Avenue of Stars/Kowloon Pier. The shop is right in the pier and you can spot it on your way to getting onboard the ferry. 

#1: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum!!! 

Look at the perfection that is this chee cheong fun/vermicelli prawn roll. It's so perfect that it requires no garnishing. 
Just look at it. Then eat it. 

I think my heart almost broke when I found out that Tim Ho Wan dim sum closed down at Tsui Yuen Mansion, but the business had actually expanded and it's actually really convenient to enjoy 5-star dimsum for a 3-star price now. Whatever you do, you MUST eat the pork bbq bun because even though it looks normal, it changed my life. You MUST eat the pork bun, OK? Otherwise, I don't think I can ever be friends with you again. 

How to go: 
Stop at MTR Hong Kong station. Look for the IFC mall connected to the station and then head towards Level 1. The mall isn't very big so you won't have much trouble looking for the shop (ahem, just look for the crowd of people). If you get lost, just ask the receptionist and they'll point you in the right direction. 

Bonus Tip: Have your dim sum early in the morning and on a weekday. Some people can queue up for over an hour for Tim Ho Wan dim sum but we got in only after 15-minutes. The service is quick and the food is hot, so it's all good!

In other news: Excited! Cheffie is coming home today! Come home safe, doggy!

Love, love, Pam 


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