Monday, March 10, 2014

Larger than life

Like many Malaysians, I spent the weekend wavering between disbelief and total, utter grief for everyone lost on the MH370 plane which literally seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The hours and hours of not knowing, of wondering what has happened to the people who are the reason you live and breathe must be so heartbreaking that one cannot breathe, cannot eat, cannot function as a normal human being.

All I can do is hope and pray, I hope that everyone is alright.

Every moment I refresh the live updates page, I hope that no debris is found, that there are no signs of a wreckage from the plane.

Then I spend some time in agony wondering how an entire Boeing 777 can literally disappear into thin air.

If you are waiting, if you have a loved one on the plane, I am praying with you that they are alright - that everything is alright.

Tomorrow is another day and we need to take a step forward, even in limbo. Move, dear heart.


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