Friday, March 14, 2014

The nicest taxi driver in Thailand (100% safe!)

Evelyn asked for Mr A's contact details, so here they are again - anywhere you wanna go, he'll take you! Treat him well, everybody. He's our favourite taxi driver! 

Seriously. Which other taxi driver would quietly get you a tourist photo of yourselves for FREE? It was all wrapped up and waiting for us in the back seat on the way back from the floating market. Seriously. 

Day Four in Bangkok was really crazy fun, even though we didn't actually have time to eat anything seriously amazing. This is because we hired Mr. A for the entire day again, which began at 730am as we had to head out early for a Thai wedding:

My breakfast, One Piece style! 

Doughnuts and morning make up in the car 

We made it in time! The house was really far away from Pratunam, in some unheard of housing area but leave it to Mr. A to sort things out for us, so we could arrive there like a boss. Ho ho ho.

Because of this and that, I didn't plan any activities on Day Four so in the end we asked Mr. A to take us around. He chose... the floating market! Which was crazy because we went to the oldest floating market in Thailand and the boys had installed CAR ENGINES onto their boats. 

Eating steaming hot pad thai in the boat was also very posh! 

We stopped by the temple (in the middle of the floating market journey) to ring some fortune bells. 

These two boys have been friends for like, forever. 

My groom and his best man. I love it that we can all go on a holiday together! 

My Japanese boyfriend and his Thai girlfriend. When you are on a holiday you get to wear funky clothes, right? 

After the market, we headed over to the tiger zoo. For RM80, you get to enter the Zoo AND either feed a baby tiger with milk or feed an adult tiger some meat. I chose the baby tiger who turned out to be super huge! 

But she's so happy. <3

This tiger has good taste in men.

The tigers are really playful and will play with you! 

All in all, I think the tigers were the highlight of our afternoon. 

Night time equals round two of wedding celebration. Sorry ladies, we are taken.

I'm representing the Malaysian Chinese in a cheongsam (unintentionally). Yes, it was a Hello Kitty themed wedding! 

I made such a fuss about going to Thailand's McDonalds ...

Haha but it turned out to be just alright. I liked the egg and ham pie more than the samurai burger!

It was our last night in Bangkok, so of course we had to stop by and party at the protest site (which turned out to be safe, very safe) 

I am still praying for MH370. 

Love, Pam 


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