Monday, April 28, 2014

5D4N in Bangkok/Hua Hin: Download the itinerary plus budget

Need some help planning for Bangkok? Scroll down to view the rough itinerary I had planned out for our 5D4N trip to Hua Hin and Bangkok. It was fun! In total, we budgeted about RM3,000 of spending money (the beautiful Glow Pratunam hotel was booked via If you run out of money in Thailand, CIMB account holders can withdraw Thai baht from local CIMB ATMs, no additional transaction fee required! All you need to do is call up CIMB and let them know your travelling dates. 

Recommendations for a good tailor in Bangkok (high quality, cheap and within 24 hours!) 

If you live in Glow Pratunam, you must go to the Ground Floor of the shopping mall and look for the suitmaker. Wewo was so happy with his suit that he ordered extra pants as well - all done and delivered to our hotel within 24 hours! Do leave me a comment if you'd like more details about the tailor. He also does women's clothes and his sewing is of finest quality. We are actually planning going back to Bangkok for the weekend just to make more suits for Wewo. We purchased a full suit plus shirt and silk tie for only RM400. Due to the riots, business has been slow - which is why the tailor is charging us dirt cheap pricing. Do support great workmanship and don't let good businesses like these close down! 

Click to enlarge the itinerary: 

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And yes... no more traveling for me for awhile... oh well! Time to make more money! :) 


  1. Hi, thanks for ur travel info.
    Can i hav the tailor details? Tq

    1. Hi Yu KV,

      We stayed at Glow Pratunam ( which is connected to a shopping centre. The tailor shop is located right next to the lift you take up to the hotel. If you walk around Watergate Pavillion Shopping Centre, you’ll definitely find it as there’s only one tailor shop there. There is also a ZARA outlet next to the tailor shop, so happy shopping!

      You are probably not staying at Glow Pratunam. No problem! The tailor also mentioned that he can deliver your suit/pants/blouse/shirt/etc to your hotel. My advise is you go there first, talk to him, select the fabric and get your measurements done then wait for your clothing to be delivered to you after 24 hours. I’ve attached his business card so you can call him as well.

    2. Here is the tailor's business card -

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  2. Hi, can i know, what does a full suit consist of?

  3. Hi I would like to know more detail about the tailor service.
    Can i have a look on your product? :)

  4. Hi, can I have the tailor's business card details?....plan to check out during my sept trip. Thanks

    1. Hey David, I'm going to visit the tailor in September too! When are you going? I'm going during the Malaysia Day week.

      Anyway, here are the business card details:

      Have fun :)

    2. Hihi....thanks so much for sharing yah.....I will b in bkk on the 2nd sept late evening or night..will check out this place then....happy holiday and have fun yah....

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