Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I survived!

The last two weeks at work have been brutal - not physically, but mentally. The good news is that I'm officially done with that project and am just going to chill for the rest of the week so do expect more updates on:

How to plan a 2D1N Melaka trip for your friends/team/company
Bangkok/Hua Hin itinerary

I got really sick yesterday. I actually had acid reflux and the cold at the same time but I'm better now thanks to lots of sleep, coffee and tea. OK, I need to clean the house now too so I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Also, I just found out that 2NE1 will be on Running Man again and discovered that a bag shop has my dream bag in store:

It's so structured, right? I'll definitely get this for my birthday if it's still in stock! 

Hope your week is getting better as well. :) We're almost into the middle of April already!


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