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Melaka: How to Plan a 2D1N Company Trip (and have fun!)

Hello Internet, are you living well today?

It's Good Friday today, which always makes me a little melancholy. Technically, I understand how today should be a celebration but I can't really seem to get into the spirit of "Hurrah! Jesus died on the cross for me today!" 

Instead, I feel guilty. If only he was marketed correctly, Jesus might not have had to sacrifice himself like that. Hmm. Guilty, but I will live well! Let's all live well! 

This is my second post on Melaka, but it just can't be helped because I think a lot of people will find this useful - especially if they are planning a company trip. Read on to find out how you can plan a 2D1N trip to Melaka with your colleagues --- and have fun! 

This is not my company trip, but a trip I planned for my husband and his team. I did tag along for the trip though, so see if you can spot me without makeup! \(^_^)/ 

Also, this posting happens to be in conjunction with Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign. 
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How to Plan a Monchichi 2D1N Melaka Trip 

(Recommended for friends and company trips) 

Here's the itinerary:

The basic plan was: 

Saturday morning - drive to Melaka 
Rendezvous at 1pm - Cendol, East & West
Lunch at 2pm - Laksa at Calanthe Art Cafe
Takeaway pork satay from Xiang Ji to bungalow 
Check in at Courtyard Residence bungalow
6pm - Dinner at Sin Yin Hoe 
730pm - Walkabout Jonker's Walk
830pm - Beer and karaoke session at Me and & Mrs Jones
10pm - Snacks and alcohol games at bungalow 
4am - Sleep!!! 

Sunday morning - Shower and pack 
11am - Burgers at the Baboon House  
1230pm - Takeaway Klebang Coconut Shake then drive back to KL! 

Number of people: 11
Bungalow cost per night: RM800 for 11pax + RM180 for three extra beds 
Food cost: RM100 per pax (approx) 

First stop: Durian cendol and nyonya dumplings at East & West Rendezvous. I love coming here because there are no tourists and no long queue. Just really delicious cendol! 

Saturday lunch: Laksa and coffee at Calanthe Art Cafe. It was not bad, but I prefer laksa from Baba Low 468. 

Exploring our bungalow with Xiang Ji Pork Satay. I don't know why, but I don't like pork satay LOL. I like chicken satay better! 

Saturday dinner - Sin Yin Hoe for softshell crabs and delicious omelette. This is perfect for a large group of people!  

Up next: Walking through Jonker's Walk

When you come to Melaka, you need to eat the Potato Pagoda right? 

Up next: Beer and live song at Me and Mrs Jones. If you're good at singing, they let you perform live! 

10pm is a good time for debauchery to begin after everyone goes home and change into PJs. The guys each brought a bottle of liquor with them, plus Wewo also brought an entire box of beer cans. 

Yup, I was the first to fall asleep. But you guys aren't surprised about that, right? 

Sunday morning - Brunch and Burgers at the Baboon's House. Look at all the faces of the hungover people. :D We really liked this burger place, and it's right next to Courtyard@Hereen! 

This is the best burger you'll ever eat in Malaysia, kid. You must go there. 

In conclusion, Wewo and his team had a great time. We might be hopping over to Penang next quarter! Also, the photos are so lovely this round because we had a part-time wedding photographer in our entourage. It's nice not having to carry a camera around! 

Also, also, I'm heading over to Singapore for about 48 hours next week. So now you know how to have fun with your colleagues for just less than RM300 per person (more costing details are in the Excel sheet printscreen above). 


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