Friday, April 25, 2014

Should you matchmake your friends? (KL version)

Gonbawa minasan, I am so tired today because I just got back from Singapore last night. Today is a working day and I need to clean the house, get some work plus research done this weekend before we hit Monday again. Time flies by so fast because I'm having fun, not because I'm old, right? NFufufufufufu~

Just me and Cheffie the poodle hanging out tonight! 

Exhausted. EXHAUSTED. 

I ran out of black tea, so swapped with earl grey with milk today. Do you guys have your hot beverages ready? 

Let's start the weekend with a funny Real Life story that happened to me last Monday - for the very first time in my life, I actually introduced two of my friends together in hopes of forming a romantic liaison!

Him - Young 30s, Typical Korean Drama character type. Skinny, fair, rich, soft spoken, executive level, lives alone in a nice house, brought up overseas... 

Her - Late 20s, Type A personality with strong family bonds, super woman attitude and looks that turns heads. All her Chanel, LV and Prada are purchased on her own, thankyouverymuch 

It sounds like a good setup, right? I especially thought so since their homes are in the same neighbourhood.

The Mission
A group of us friends are to meet up for dinner. Previously, I'd already pitched the matchmaking idea to both sides, who agreed to meeting up casually as friends. So we'll just have dinner and then disperse. If there is chemistry, the two of them can take it to the next step from there. 

What Really Happened on the Actual Date
The 7 of us were supposed to meet up at 8pm. At 815pm, Him called to say that he punctured his tyre and his car was literally stuck in the middle of the road on a Monday evening (just after heavy rain). If you guys were around Bangsar Village on Monday 21st April, I'm sorry about that! 

As fate (or luck?) would have it, nobody had a car jack except for... Her! She also happened to be driving nearby (luck?), so their first introduction involved her helping him changed his car tyre in the middle of a busy street. Uhm, and while all this was happening, the rest of us had already reached the restaurant and decided to go have our dinner without them. I felt really bad about abandoning my friend at his time of need, but it seemed like a good chance to let the two of them meet in a very romantic setting, right? Right? 

30 minutes later, the duo caught up with us, we waited for them to finish their dinner and then continued on to Haagen Daaz for fondue desserts. 

Almost one week later, there have been no updates from his or her side and all I got out of it was indigestion from nervousness and an unbelievably unlucky (fateful?) story about two people meeting for the first time. 

So the lesson of the story is... never matchmake your friends! It's God's will, not yours! 

Sadly yours, 


  1. Haha R, with your organization and party planning prowess, I'm 1000000% sure you have better luck matchmaking people >_<


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