Friday, April 11, 2014

What Pam likes: Aliens, rasengan, milk tea and being adult-like

Hello, kids on the Internet!

Are you ready with your hot drink? Let's go!

These days, I'm making it a point to finish all things work-related just before 4pm so I can nurse some hot milk tea and pull together something non-marketing oriented when I get back home. Ironically, since I started this Very Top Secret Job in this Very Top Secret Company, I've actually been getting emails and offers from overseas and local companies to become their blogging ambassador. I can't accept any right now, because I'm training myself to literally STOP THINKING ABOUT WORK when I get back home. It is a challenge, because Top Secret Work is Fun!

So if there's one thing you takeaway from today's post, it is to never give up blogging. Er, if it is your intention to make money out of blogging. Or if you just want to be popular/famous/network on the blog-o-sphere. Or. You know. If you don't want to blog anymore, then I guess you are also allowed to stop blogging. *brain freeze* I blog because it's fun and I can say what I want, without any censor. Plus, the pleasure of looking back at all the stuff you've written over the years is seriously hilarious. :)

I also haven't been blogging much this week because I've been caught up in catching up with Naruto (I stopped reading the series a long time ago when it was around Chapter 100, and now they're up to 600+ chapters). Due to high recommendations from my Top Secret Friends at Work, I also begun watching the Korean drama My Love from the Stars, which was... eh. Not bad, not bad but it would be better if Hyun Bin was in it. I'm racing to get to the end because I hear there's a happy ending!

Also, did you guys watch the ending of How I Met Your Mother finale and Walking Dead's Season 4? Ho, mamma. I love pop culture! 

OK, so... I gotta go clean the house a little right now. Being an adult means that I need to be partially responsible for keeping the hygiene around the house at a respectable level, but the upside is that I also get to enjoy steamed corn, sausage crusted bread and hot oxtail soup for dinner tonight --- while I date my handsome hubby and watch the second Hobbit movie. Without wearing any pants. 

Happy weekend y'all! Live it like you mean it!


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