Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2NE1 All or Nothing #AON Concert

Hurro! It's about to rain heavily on a Wednesday evening, which is the perfect time to snuggle in with a cup of hot milk tea and reading material. Ready, Blackjacks? It's all about 2NE1 today! First off, I'm so totally smug about being one of the 4,000 2NE1 fans who attended their very first SOLD OUT concert in Malaysia. 

Of course, Pam Writes a Blog is all about tutorials and tips, so here's mine for today:

Parking at Stadium Negara 

With 4,000 spectators crammed into a stadium for over 4 hours, you really need to consider your transportation. These tips apply to all events held at Stadium Negara, so read it well! 

1. Never be late to avoid missing your event. The 2NE1 concert began at 730pm, so we were there around 5pm to park our car, buy merchandise and support some of the stalls selling burgers and keropok lekor. By 630pm, the car park lot was full. Come early and just eat some junk food sold at the venue. It's better than arriving late, trust me. 

2. Never park your car illegally. 2NE1 may seem obscure to you, but the authorities always know when an event is happening at Stadium Negara. You don't want to ruin the mood by realising you have a parking ticket to pay after The Most Awesome Concert Ever --- which is what happened to everyone who illegally parked their cars along the road heading to Stadium Negara.

3. To find the managed car park space, drive with Stadium Negara on your right and you'll come across a parking space on your left. An Indian bloke will probably be gesturing for you to drive towards the car park lot as well. They charged us RM20, which was fine as the parking space was only 5 minutes away from the stadium and there were no safety incidences. 

4. Alternatively, you can also use the LRT but do you really wanna be walking back to the LRT in the dark and having to squeeze in with other concert goers as well? 

2NE1 All or Nothing aka Best Concert Ever!!! 

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. The smoke and lighting effect really disrupts the quality of the photos. The good news though is that you can still view hi-def photos of the concert at 2NE1's Facebook Page. 

They let the crowd in an hour earlier (630pm) and they played all of 2NE1's music videos. So every three minutes, there were screams and cheers for no reason, other than the excitement of watching 2NE1 music video with 4,000 other people at the same time. 

The concert started at 730pm, just like they promised. Koreans and their punctuality are crazy awesome. I love the feeling of anticipation when the entire stadium went pitch black!

Park BOM!!! 

I believe they were singing the acoustic version of Come Back Home. 

WINNER also came along. They were cute, but in the end, I still prefer Team B... 

My Wewo's favourite dance move and song --- COME BACK HOME! 

Still COME BACK HOME. We weren't allowed to take photos, technically so I had my phone in and out whenever I felt as though I could possibly take a good photo. 

During the encore session, Bom wore a gifted frog cape, which she then exchanged for a Totoro cape. She completely ruined LONELY for me because during that song, Park Bom was the only one who came down centre stage and actually tried to balance a large helium balloon on the top of her head. 

It's difficult to imagine right? Here are my favourite Bom highlights from the concert. 

So happy and so sad by the end! By the way, they started at 730pm and ended very promptly at 930pm. It's a refreshing change as I used to go to concerts that ended around 1030pm due to delays. I have so many highlights for this 2NE1 concert, you guys... I would have bought the most expensive ticket if it existed! 

Whoops, kinda out of time today. Will show you what I bought at the 2NE1 AON concert next time! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Where's Pammeh?

Dear Internet,

I am having the time of my life right now! It finally feels like I'm a full grown adult with the right balance of fun and work in my life. Also, partly because 26 year old Harinder lets me hang out with him lately and we actually caught X-men on premier night (which was on a Thursday night! How bad ass is that!).

Of course that ended with me having to recuperate with over twelve hours of sleep but that's OK because I made it just in time for 2NE1's first ever concert in Malaysia. Blackjacks are the best! I had so much fun that I actually felt guilty for having so much fun. Suffice to say, May is a BLAST.

I thought I'd make a quick update right here and now because the truth is, I am that girl sitting alone at 8ounces cafe, Gardens- playing with her phone, sipping her cappuccino and looking all hipster with her 2NE1 jersey, platform sneakers and pink purple dyed hair. 

Like in the fairy tales that I used to imagine when I was younger, I am one of those privileged mysterious young women waiting at caf├ęs for their handsome beau to appear. 

Everything is coming true and it is somehow quite magical.

And when Wewo finally comes to pick me up from this coffee bar, we will go home, exchange notes about our day and share sushi and beer/green tea - with no pants on, and that's OK.

Because that's in my dream, too.

Next update: 2NE1 concert merchandise review! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Will ombre pink, red or purple hair dye fade after 1 week? (Number76 report)

This post is dedicated to Esther, and everyone else who wants to know about ombre hair or dip-dye pink purple hair maintenance. Here's today's hair, 10 days after I coloured my hair at number76: 

It's Friday, so I am half dazed. I need to wash three dogs after this! 

I like to wear braids in my hair now to show off the purple and pink colours. 

It looks difficult, right? The guys all thought I spent a loooong time doing this, but it really only takes 5 minutes. This hairstyle is good for hair that's not layered and if your braids keep loosening up, you either need to stick in more bobby pins or use smaller pins to keep your hair in place. 

Side view, nice and casual. As you can see, I went back to wearing light colours because I'm too happy to be wearing dark colours all the time. Back in high school, I wore black/dark blue almost every other day! (But that wasn't because I was angry all the time, I just has questionable fashion sense...)

Can you see the top of my head? It's not dyed black, but a dark chocolate colour. This way, I can skip colouring my hair for a few months and still look cool! 

Subtle ombre, but still very colourful. I'm the kind of girl who gets disappointed when you spend 3 hours to dye your hair and it ends up looking just the same. I like colour!!! 

It looks red on camera but it's much more purple in real life. Weird, huh! 
I'll post up photos of my hair taken on the iPhone, which gives a truer colour. 

None of these photos were filtered/Photoshopped to give you a better idea of the hair condition. Also, here is a random photo of my very first birthday present for the year! Don't ask me how old I am this year - just look at the cute panda postman, damn it! 

Pam Answers Your Ombre Hair / Dip Dye Hair Questions 

1. The pink and purple colouring is still strong and super bright. I am supposed to give it a few washes for it to turn into the light, pastel colour I want. 

2. Yes, when I wash my hair, I can see some colour being washed away but it's not noticeable.  I highly recommend number76 not just because they have a lot of handsome hairstylists there, but also because their hair dye IS MAGIC. The colour seriously will not fade which is a big deal as you pay nearly the same price at any other hair salon without the quality (and good looking stylists)! 

3. My hair still feels thick and strong, probably because I did not bleach my entire head. 

4. My hair is not dry at all, but I do get worried about the ends because... no matter what they advertise, it is still bleach, right? Every 3 days, I spray conditioner on my hair ends like this: 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

number76, bangsar: dip dye ombre with yoshi!

This was me, about a year ago. 

One year later and it's time for another major change - purple, pink ombre hair at number76! 

Before this, I used to be really shy about asking for colorful hairstlyes because I don't know how to explain myself well, and it is especially difficult when your hairstylists are all so handsome and serious, right? So here is how you can choose your dream hair colour and enjoy a relaxing experience at number76. 

Step one: Pick your favourite number76 hair stylist. Mine is Yoshi-sama! Stalk his/her FB or instagram and pick out a dye job they have previously done. 

This was the one I chose: 

Yoshi's instagram handle is 76yoshi44. Dozo yoroshiku desu ~ 

Step Two: Show Yoshi-sama the photo you like and let him HMMM HMMM HMMM for awhile. 

Step Three: Yoshi-sama will say "OK, but <insert problem here>." In my case, he said, "OK, but that style is for hair that is a little bit longer. For you, similar style. Similar style."

Step Four: Just say OK and let Yoshi worry about the rest. See, this is a photo of Yoshi studying my hair and worrying. 

Can you see the white rectangle receipt on the table? Yoshi-sama will write down the total price and whisper it to you so you won't get a heart attack on your way out of the salon. Like usual, I brought along some cash with me so I don't have to feel guilty about swiping my credit card for great hair. 

Step Five: Dyed the top part of the hair dark brown and then bleached the hair ends. Look at my eyes! So sleepy until I almost fell off my chair. =.= 

Step Six: Number76 new girl and guy wrapping the bottom portion of my hair. I think they dyed it purple colour. 

Step Seven: They are painting on the pink and purple colour to my hair, according to Yoshi-sama's orders! So bright and pink and happy! 

Step Eight: Remember to try the drink served! The water served is definitely better than the organic tea they served last year. Also, you must eat the caramelised biscuit! Really delicious and I say this because I'm not the type of person who will eat biscuit, even if it is free. *picky eater* 

By 6pm, I was feeling a little guilty... when I walked into the salon at 430pm, it was bustling and everyone must have been really tired by 6pm. And yet... they cannot close shop because of naughty customers like me! 

Excited! Excited! 

And so... here is the finished look:

Pic taken on the iPhone, #nofilter

Pic taken on the iMac, #nofilter - Purple, Pink and Pam! 

I guess I will take more photos of my hair tomorrow with natural lighting! 

Wanna see my two hairstyles side by side? 

Now that I look at my old photo, I kinda miss short hair too! Life is like that, isn't it? :) The amazing thing is that I never cut my hair since Yoshi-sama cut it in April of 2013... and it's still in fabulous shape today! 

number76 Bangsar Service Review
I made an appointment the week before and reached the branch before my appointment at 430pm. Unfortunately, the staff were all so busy that they could only serve me some time after 5pm. I did not mind though because I always expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours at the hair salon, so I came prepared with my book and gadgets. 

Even though Yoshi-sama is my hairstylist, junior number76 staff did the actual hair dye job. This is also fine with me because I trust Yoshi-sama to always come back and check that the colour is done well. When he was finally free after 6pm, Yoshi-sama took over the hair blowing and styling to make sure that I was a happy customer before opening the door for me on the way out. 

Quite possibly the only thing I think they can improve on is serving drinks and snacks earlier on as just sitting around for over an hour can make anybody thirsty. However, as mentioned, they were quite busy today even though it is a Tuesday. For a more relaxing hair pampering session, book your session as early as possible so the staff can serve you better. 

I think Yoshi-sama should also start a side business for skincare products. Maybe Yoshi is a vampire. I have seen him for over 4 years and he still looks the same. 

Hair dye advice 
After washing my hair, I found out that I should stay away from white towels and white clothing, "from this point onwards". The hair dye will only start to fade 1-2 months from now so... I'm not sure about what my wardrobe will be like. Oh well! 

I also found out that to style the ombre hair, it is best to curl your hair. Yoshi-sama patiently demonstrated the hair curling technique which I will try... I will try to replicate, OK? Though it means that I will need to wake up earlier before work...

My hair quality now is really nice! I will provide an update about one month later ... 

How much is it? 
For my hair length, RM410 for hair dye (top of my hair is colored dark brown) and dip dye/ombre/bleach the other half of my hair. 

Yes! Dip dye at least once in your life! 

Need more info on number76? Here are my previous posts: 

my haircut after 3 years at number76, new Bangsar branch!digital perm @ number76, mid valley!

Monday, May 5, 2014

What am I going to do?

Monday night, I am so sleepy that I almost skipped dinner to go to bed.

Now that it's almost 11pm, I'm actually stalling because... I haven't slept alone in over 365 days. It's really weird, even though I've had naps all by myself --- it's STILL DIFFERENT this time round, OK? Suffice to say, Cheffie the poodle is coming into sleep time battle with me and all the lights will be left on tonight.


This are is left blank on purpose