Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2NE1 All or Nothing #AON Concert

Hurro! It's about to rain heavily on a Wednesday evening, which is the perfect time to snuggle in with a cup of hot milk tea and reading material. Ready, Blackjacks? It's all about 2NE1 today! First off, I'm so totally smug about being one of the 4,000 2NE1 fans who attended their very first SOLD OUT concert in Malaysia. 

Of course, Pam Writes a Blog is all about tutorials and tips, so here's mine for today:

Parking at Stadium Negara 

With 4,000 spectators crammed into a stadium for over 4 hours, you really need to consider your transportation. These tips apply to all events held at Stadium Negara, so read it well! 

1. Never be late to avoid missing your event. The 2NE1 concert began at 730pm, so we were there around 5pm to park our car, buy merchandise and support some of the stalls selling burgers and keropok lekor. By 630pm, the car park lot was full. Come early and just eat some junk food sold at the venue. It's better than arriving late, trust me. 

2. Never park your car illegally. 2NE1 may seem obscure to you, but the authorities always know when an event is happening at Stadium Negara. You don't want to ruin the mood by realising you have a parking ticket to pay after The Most Awesome Concert Ever --- which is what happened to everyone who illegally parked their cars along the road heading to Stadium Negara.

3. To find the managed car park space, drive with Stadium Negara on your right and you'll come across a parking space on your left. An Indian bloke will probably be gesturing for you to drive towards the car park lot as well. They charged us RM20, which was fine as the parking space was only 5 minutes away from the stadium and there were no safety incidences. 

4. Alternatively, you can also use the LRT but do you really wanna be walking back to the LRT in the dark and having to squeeze in with other concert goers as well? 

2NE1 All or Nothing aka Best Concert Ever!!! 

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. The smoke and lighting effect really disrupts the quality of the photos. The good news though is that you can still view hi-def photos of the concert at 2NE1's Facebook Page. 

They let the crowd in an hour earlier (630pm) and they played all of 2NE1's music videos. So every three minutes, there were screams and cheers for no reason, other than the excitement of watching 2NE1 music video with 4,000 other people at the same time. 

The concert started at 730pm, just like they promised. Koreans and their punctuality are crazy awesome. I love the feeling of anticipation when the entire stadium went pitch black!

Park BOM!!! 

I believe they were singing the acoustic version of Come Back Home. 

WINNER also came along. They were cute, but in the end, I still prefer Team B... 

My Wewo's favourite dance move and song --- COME BACK HOME! 

Still COME BACK HOME. We weren't allowed to take photos, technically so I had my phone in and out whenever I felt as though I could possibly take a good photo. 

During the encore session, Bom wore a gifted frog cape, which she then exchanged for a Totoro cape. She completely ruined LONELY for me because during that song, Park Bom was the only one who came down centre stage and actually tried to balance a large helium balloon on the top of her head. 

It's difficult to imagine right? Here are my favourite Bom highlights from the concert. 

So happy and so sad by the end! By the way, they started at 730pm and ended very promptly at 930pm. It's a refreshing change as I used to go to concerts that ended around 1030pm due to delays. I have so many highlights for this 2NE1 concert, you guys... I would have bought the most expensive ticket if it existed! 

Whoops, kinda out of time today. Will show you what I bought at the 2NE1 AON concert next time! 


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