Tuesday, May 6, 2014

number76, bangsar: dip dye ombre with yoshi!

This was me, about a year ago. 

One year later and it's time for another major change - purple, pink ombre hair at number76! 

Before this, I used to be really shy about asking for colorful hairstlyes because I don't know how to explain myself well, and it is especially difficult when your hairstylists are all so handsome and serious, right? So here is how you can choose your dream hair colour and enjoy a relaxing experience at number76. 

Step one: Pick your favourite number76 hair stylist. Mine is Yoshi-sama! Stalk his/her FB or instagram and pick out a dye job they have previously done. 

This was the one I chose: 

Yoshi's instagram handle is 76yoshi44. Dozo yoroshiku desu ~ 

Step Two: Show Yoshi-sama the photo you like and let him HMMM HMMM HMMM for awhile. 

Step Three: Yoshi-sama will say "OK, but <insert problem here>." In my case, he said, "OK, but that style is for hair that is a little bit longer. For you, similar style. Similar style."

Step Four: Just say OK and let Yoshi worry about the rest. See, this is a photo of Yoshi studying my hair and worrying. 

Can you see the white rectangle receipt on the table? Yoshi-sama will write down the total price and whisper it to you so you won't get a heart attack on your way out of the salon. Like usual, I brought along some cash with me so I don't have to feel guilty about swiping my credit card for great hair. 

Step Five: Dyed the top part of the hair dark brown and then bleached the hair ends. Look at my eyes! So sleepy until I almost fell off my chair. =.= 

Step Six: Number76 new girl and guy wrapping the bottom portion of my hair. I think they dyed it purple colour. 

Step Seven: They are painting on the pink and purple colour to my hair, according to Yoshi-sama's orders! So bright and pink and happy! 

Step Eight: Remember to try the drink served! The water served is definitely better than the organic tea they served last year. Also, you must eat the caramelised biscuit! Really delicious and I say this because I'm not the type of person who will eat biscuit, even if it is free. *picky eater* 

By 6pm, I was feeling a little guilty... when I walked into the salon at 430pm, it was bustling and everyone must have been really tired by 6pm. And yet... they cannot close shop because of naughty customers like me! 

Excited! Excited! 

And so... here is the finished look:

Pic taken on the iPhone, #nofilter

Pic taken on the iMac, #nofilter - Purple, Pink and Pam! 

I guess I will take more photos of my hair tomorrow with natural lighting! 

Wanna see my two hairstyles side by side? 

Now that I look at my old photo, I kinda miss short hair too! Life is like that, isn't it? :) The amazing thing is that I never cut my hair since Yoshi-sama cut it in April of 2013... and it's still in fabulous shape today! 

number76 Bangsar Service Review
I made an appointment the week before and reached the branch before my appointment at 430pm. Unfortunately, the staff were all so busy that they could only serve me some time after 5pm. I did not mind though because I always expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours at the hair salon, so I came prepared with my book and gadgets. 

Even though Yoshi-sama is my hairstylist, junior number76 staff did the actual hair dye job. This is also fine with me because I trust Yoshi-sama to always come back and check that the colour is done well. When he was finally free after 6pm, Yoshi-sama took over the hair blowing and styling to make sure that I was a happy customer before opening the door for me on the way out. 

Quite possibly the only thing I think they can improve on is serving drinks and snacks earlier on as just sitting around for over an hour can make anybody thirsty. However, as mentioned, they were quite busy today even though it is a Tuesday. For a more relaxing hair pampering session, book your session as early as possible so the staff can serve you better. 

I think Yoshi-sama should also start a side business for skincare products. Maybe Yoshi is a vampire. I have seen him for over 4 years and he still looks the same. 

Hair dye advice 
After washing my hair, I found out that I should stay away from white towels and white clothing, "from this point onwards". The hair dye will only start to fade 1-2 months from now so... I'm not sure about what my wardrobe will be like. Oh well! 

I also found out that to style the ombre hair, it is best to curl your hair. Yoshi-sama patiently demonstrated the hair curling technique which I will try... I will try to replicate, OK? Though it means that I will need to wake up earlier before work...

My hair quality now is really nice! I will provide an update about one month later ... 

How much is it? 
For my hair length, RM410 for hair dye (top of my hair is colored dark brown) and dip dye/ombre/bleach the other half of my hair. 

Yes! Dip dye at least once in your life! 

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  1. I think the first step is admittance so..

    My name is Racheal and I'm a 76 addict and I HAVE YOUR FIRST REVIEW TO THANK!!!! :) :) :)

    Thank you for showing me the light Pam, my hair thanks you and my husband thanks you.

    I forgot to tell you the story about HOW J PAID FOR MY HAIR when he came to pick me up because he was so in awe…or maybe he was also blinded by Yoshi and said the same thing I do all the time…SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!

    Tee hee hee!

    Enjoy your pink hair!!

    1. OMG! J is a DREAM!!! Are we sure he's blue? :D

      Thank you for joining the club, it makes me so happy!!! I'm a big 76 fan too!!! We should start a Facebook Page!!!

  2. Hello.. i love your hair colour ! But I thought pink or red colour will fade after one or two weeks ? :)

    1. Hello Esther!

      Yeahhhh, I used to hate it when I dyed my hair red and it would stay red for one week and suddenly I wake up one day and have weird brown hair.

      Number76 is different though and the colour is doing a good job of staying in my hair. When I wash it, I do notice some colouring in the water, but overall still good and strong. This could also be because they bleached the hair first before adding the hair dye. Either way, you should try it! For the dip dye alone, it cost around RM200+ only. :) Go go go!

    2. Reallyyyy ? Even for long hair ? The price seems reasonable , I thought it was 500+ for dip dye. Does the price depend of the stylist ?

      Thanks for the reply btw :D . Been thinking about dip dye for very long but didn't dare to do it because I heard that the colour will fade quickly..

  3. Yessss, but for longer hair it will cost a little bit more than RM200 although definitely not RM500. For stylists, I recommend Yoshi but if you are on a budget, they have a 'stylist of the month' which is cheaper. Have fun!!! <3


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