Monday, May 26, 2014

Where's Pammeh?

Dear Internet,

I am having the time of my life right now! It finally feels like I'm a full grown adult with the right balance of fun and work in my life. Also, partly because 26 year old Harinder lets me hang out with him lately and we actually caught X-men on premier night (which was on a Thursday night! How bad ass is that!).

Of course that ended with me having to recuperate with over twelve hours of sleep but that's OK because I made it just in time for 2NE1's first ever concert in Malaysia. Blackjacks are the best! I had so much fun that I actually felt guilty for having so much fun. Suffice to say, May is a BLAST.

I thought I'd make a quick update right here and now because the truth is, I am that girl sitting alone at 8ounces cafe, Gardens- playing with her phone, sipping her cappuccino and looking all hipster with her 2NE1 jersey, platform sneakers and pink purple dyed hair. 

Like in the fairy tales that I used to imagine when I was younger, I am one of those privileged mysterious young women waiting at caf├ęs for their handsome beau to appear. 

Everything is coming true and it is somehow quite magical.

And when Wewo finally comes to pick me up from this coffee bar, we will go home, exchange notes about our day and share sushi and beer/green tea - with no pants on, and that's OK.

Because that's in my dream, too.

Next update: 2NE1 concert merchandise review! 


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