Friday, May 16, 2014

Will ombre pink, red or purple hair dye fade after 1 week? (Number76 report)

This post is dedicated to Esther, and everyone else who wants to know about ombre hair or dip-dye pink purple hair maintenance. Here's today's hair, 10 days after I coloured my hair at number76: 

It's Friday, so I am half dazed. I need to wash three dogs after this! 

I like to wear braids in my hair now to show off the purple and pink colours. 

It looks difficult, right? The guys all thought I spent a loooong time doing this, but it really only takes 5 minutes. This hairstyle is good for hair that's not layered and if your braids keep loosening up, you either need to stick in more bobby pins or use smaller pins to keep your hair in place. 

Side view, nice and casual. As you can see, I went back to wearing light colours because I'm too happy to be wearing dark colours all the time. Back in high school, I wore black/dark blue almost every other day! (But that wasn't because I was angry all the time, I just has questionable fashion sense...)

Can you see the top of my head? It's not dyed black, but a dark chocolate colour. This way, I can skip colouring my hair for a few months and still look cool! 

Subtle ombre, but still very colourful. I'm the kind of girl who gets disappointed when you spend 3 hours to dye your hair and it ends up looking just the same. I like colour!!! 

It looks red on camera but it's much more purple in real life. Weird, huh! 
I'll post up photos of my hair taken on the iPhone, which gives a truer colour. 

None of these photos were filtered/Photoshopped to give you a better idea of the hair condition. Also, here is a random photo of my very first birthday present for the year! Don't ask me how old I am this year - just look at the cute panda postman, damn it! 

Pam Answers Your Ombre Hair / Dip Dye Hair Questions 

1. The pink and purple colouring is still strong and super bright. I am supposed to give it a few washes for it to turn into the light, pastel colour I want. 

2. Yes, when I wash my hair, I can see some colour being washed away but it's not noticeable.  I highly recommend number76 not just because they have a lot of handsome hairstylists there, but also because their hair dye IS MAGIC. The colour seriously will not fade which is a big deal as you pay nearly the same price at any other hair salon without the quality (and good looking stylists)! 

3. My hair still feels thick and strong, probably because I did not bleach my entire head. 

4. My hair is not dry at all, but I do get worried about the ends because... no matter what they advertise, it is still bleach, right? Every 3 days, I spray conditioner on my hair ends like this: 


  1. Thanks for the post ! Hehehe. Didn't expected it :x. Shall go try number 76 soon :D

    1. Did you go did you go? Update update!!! Hope you liked it :)


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