Saturday, June 21, 2014

Are you always angry at work? Read this.

I finally found a Debbie Downer at work! You know... the kinda guy who basically walks around and spreads gloom as though everything in the whole world revolves around him and it sucks - he's angry, he's sad, he's upset and he's so totally not afraid to tell everyone about it. 

Let me first explain that the reason I actually got back into work was because it simply wasn't work. 

We don't do overtime, we end promptly at 4pm waaaaaay ahead of the traffic jams. We have great employee benefits to ensure that we retire well and even our families have insurance coverage, delicious food in and around the office, plenty of young good looking people work in the office and we're creating business solutions that do good. Did I also mention that our bosses are located in a different country at a different timezone, so we don't even have to mind our clothing, language or behaviour? 

I have fun everyday I show up at work, so it really amazes me to come across this guy who is so angry, so upset with everything in life that he can't even find the will to laugh or smile. Luckily, I do not have to work with this guy but I do hope that he sees life differently soon.

I think that if you can't even bring yourself to enjoy working in such a carefree, fun environment, then you might actually need serious help dealing with your unhappiness. 

I also think that people who go to work expecting work to make them happy are kinda weird. 

You make yourself happy, even when it's raining and you're stuck alone in the office on a Thursday night. You make yourself happy, because choosing to be angry and sad and upset 24/7 just means that you WANT to be negative, you WANT to waste your life like that and you WANT all the bad things in life that are happening to you.

Why do so many people feel unhappy at work?

The topic of unhappiness came up at brunch today and I was amazed that a majority of people in Malaysia actually go to work - expecting to be cajoled, entertained and taught how to be a good employee. Majority of them actually apply for work in larger corporations and then end up raging against all the red tape, politics and dangerous executives they have to deal with. On one hand, it's good that there are still plenty of idealistic Malaysians around but on the other hand, I kind of wonder why people bother signing up for jobs without actually considering whether or not they fit in the culture of the business. 

For international readers - do keep in mind that it's unbelievably EASY to get a job in Malaysia as the country is literally thriving with start-ups and foreign investments. Honestly, if you can't find a job that will bring you more pleasure in life, then it's probably because people can sense how working with you will be a pain in the ass.  

You are awesome and talented. Please don't waste it away doing something you don't love. 


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