Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to celebrate your 30th birthday

My birthday is on a Monday this year, so it makes sense to celebrate on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

Next year, my birthday will be on a Tuesday, so we will stretch the celebration to include Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And then when my birthday falls on a Wednesday .... well, you get the gist. 

You may think that I am unreasonable, but since our date of marriage registration is adjacent to Wewo's birthday, Wewo actually enjoys ONE WHOLE WEEK OF BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS EVERY YEAR, like, forever and ever! 

Day One - Warm up with lunch at our favourite Korean restaurant at Taman Desa, followed by pork and beer at Brussels, Jaya One. Wewo is one happy birthday participant! 

The one birthday cake I cannot eat because it is my VERY FIRST office birthday cake. And if you zoom in on the custom birthday card, you can see that someone wrote: BEST BOSS EVER. I also like how the designers photoshopped my legs to be so slim and sexy. Good job!!! 

When I was a little girl under 20, I had a list stuck to my study table about the list of things I wanted to achieve by 30. I can't really remember the entire list but I am proud to have checked off a few of the items: 

- Learn to cook
- Own a house
- Drive a car
- Be independent 

I think I'm alright right now and it feels pretty awesome to be full-fledged adult. For my birthday this year, I wish that everyone around me will always be healthy and happy. Because I am officially a Lao Niang (old woman) now and can bestow wisdom to everyone else, right? Please be happy everybody!

And also... please, somehow let me still look this good even on a bad hair day and no make up at age 35. Kthanks... off to sleep now! Tomorrow is Birthday Day 2 - SPA DAY at Mont Kiara! Yahoo!


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