Monday, June 9, 2014

My 2NE1 #AON merchandise

In Malaysia, we don't get much opportunity to support 2NE1 - so I made sure to buy lots and lots of 2NE1 merchandise at their concert! 

Goodies galore! 

2NE1 concert postcards - these were about RM30? 

BOMMIE! I watch Bom's cuts on Roommates almost every week. 

2NE1 Jersey! I actually wanted a red one like the ones the girls actually wear at the concert but they only sell those in black. This was RM180 but the material is like second skin. 

It actually looks grey in real life, but reflects white. Kinda awesome if you wear it in a dark venue!

This fan was FREE for all 2NE1 concert fans! 

I needed a bag to hold all my 2NE1 merchandise... this bag was RM10 but the quality is really good. I don't really collect bags, but when I do, I keep them really well - like the Harry Potter paper bag. :) 

You have to buy this to support 2NE1, right? It was expensive though - RM100! 

There are artworks hidden in the 2NE1 CD but I like mine in its pristine plastic packaging. 

It sits really well next to my autographed 2NE1 CD! Nolja! 

Up next: Pam's May Highlights. How are you guys enjoying June? My boss from Australia is in town!


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