Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pam's May Mayhem and Mishaps

We're welcoming a new intern on Monday! It's super exciting for me because I scouted her. *smug* I also hooked her up with a higher salary because interns don't get paid a lot in Malaysia - which is pretty unreasonable, in my opinion! 

In May, I ...

1. Stepped into Zouk KL for the first time. Apparently every Chinese girl in KL goes to Zouk for her very first clubbing experience? It's kinda small so I don't really get it.

2. Went to my very first Comedy Thursday event with Harinder. I wanna go again in July!

3. Watched Xmen, also with Harinder

4. Hated Maleficient, but at least the tickets and popcorn was free

5. Watched 2NE1 live. I hope I get to see Park Bom in person once every year for the rest of my life!

6. Attended the Brilliant Brothers performance at the KL Philharmonic Orchestra

7. Stayed up till past 1am at Bangsar, having dessert and liquor at W.I.P with Amy. It's been awhile!

This month, my boss is in town so work is revved up 200%. I also a accidentally volunteered to run a 7km marathon tomorrow and am probably going to be organizing a crazy digital marketing event with two weeks notice and no budget.

Life is interesting! Will update u guys about my hair in the next post - it's finally in the shade that I wanted! 

Blessings and skittle kisses, Pam 


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