Saturday, August 9, 2014

How are you?

Things Pam has Google-d:

How to console a friend
How to avoid being an asshole
How to apply for Australian visa
How to sit straight for long hours
What does being "toady" mean?
Signs of an abusive relationship
"western breakfast" bangsar
The gentlemen vampire audiobook
Who is Star Lord's father? (but I didn't click!)

Dear Internet,

At some point a few weeks ago, I was actually curled up on my sofa, holding a bowl of donut peaches and some tissue paper because I was just so overwhelmed. Everybody wants a Pam, but I only have a limited amount of time every day. For some reason, I think that every woman in the world will have this feeling once in awhile (especially if they're OCD/power-trippy like me) and I just want to say, "I feel you, bro." I'm better now because after a hot shower, some sleep and coffee, I don't let myself feel sorry for myself because that's not fun at all. Do what you want to do!


I am supposed to be sitting at a fancy auditorium right now, attending the TEDxKL event but I'm not because we're tired. Wewo, my dear heart, passed out after getting ready and I'm feeling reluctant to exit my freshly cleaned apartment which I stayed up cleaning late last night. And yet, we will go in awhile because I remember CL of 2NE1 saying that it's cheesy, but "if you really want something, you can get it but you have to pay for it."

But let's have fun, while we work hard OK kids? Hopefully things will be less hectic and I can go back to regular blogging by mid-August. :)

Work it, girl!

They love me cause I'm hot 

They love me cause I'm cold 

They love me cause I'm real

They love me cause I kill

*GIF credits to gildsbitch on Tumblr. 2NE1's CRUSH is like THE bad-ass song of the decade.



  1. 1. Donut peaches are delicious.
    2. My internet search history is scandalous and not even half as "baik" as yours
    3. I really appreciate you reading my blog and taking the time to set up a meet up and even offering to pick up durian moon cake for us despite all that's on your plate. I want to sayang sayang you.
    4. It's okay to take a break and have a mini meltdown. I call it "reprioritizing". :P
    5. It's okay to say no. No is sometimes my favorite so I get to say a Yes to something else.
    6. Having said that, don't you ever forget that YOU ARE WONDERWOMAN RED PAM!! I cannot think of anyone else more efficient and capable and smart and awesome so don't sad sad-lah. Sayang you again.
    7. I CUT MY HAIR.
    8. Kuey teow basah! :)

    1. AAaaaaaaa LOVE <3
      Yes, may tapao kueh teow basah this Saturday! Thank you honey for the power up! *flex muscles*


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