Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The truth about Park Bom

I am back to operating on minimal sleep and having way too much on my plate. I thought 2014 was supposed to be the year of responsible adulthood? :) It's past midnight now and I promise to wrench myself away from work soon to get some much needed sleep. 

Anyway, just dropping by to add my voice to the Universe that I seriously freaking love Park Bom and 2NE1. 

As a SEO/online marketing person, I totally understand why people use words like "Park Bom" "drug smuggling" and "drug scandal" together in the same sentence over and over again. You want high traffic, you want a big reaction and you want people to click on your links. You want fans and anti-fans to fight each other, get upset, get happy and create an ugly cycle of traffic and scandal forever and ever. I get it, it's just business. I don't agree with this, but I get it. 

I just want to say that Park Bom is a really, really nice girl and no, she does not and has never smuggled drugs. Whatever else you're reading off the Internet is simply not true and for fairness sake, if you do come across any actual evidence, feel free to email me and I will be happy to correct this post. 


xoxo Blackjack Pam 


  1. GAAH! i'm a Blackjack, too!!! :D :D :D :D

    1. phwoar no way!!! I'm so glad they're not so obscure anymore :D nolja!

  2. Hey there, gone through your blog aftr reading a thread on passport renewal. Lol! I totally support Bom and a Blackjack as well. Watching her on roommate and 2ne1 tv, anyone would have realise that she is just a fun nice girl who love to eat. It is sad that she is still on hiatus aftr that incident and no media updates on her. Really wish she could recover and be as cheerful as before. #blackjackforever!

    1. Hey Meredith, I thought of you as I watched Bom literally shutdown MAMA2015 with the rest of 2NE1. Hana... Dul... 2NE1 !!! Let's support baby doll forever!!! #blackjacksunite


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