Saturday, August 16, 2014

Visit to Royal Selangor (and the School of Hard Knocks!)

Last year, we visited the National Museum for my birthday. This year, I discovered that we can actually visit the Royal Selangor factory in Malaysia - so of course I wanted to go! Visitors get to go in for free and they also throw in a free tour as well. 

I LOVE factories. You can take a girl out of an engineering career, but there is always that part of me who will be studying their process flow, ISO and QA standards. 

It's a factory, so of course you get to see some pretty cool stuff. I had no idea that the hammered texture on Royal Selangor products were actually handcrafted - so no pewter product is actually the same as the other. They are all unique! 

Wewo trying his hand at hammering pewter. It's hard because you need to hit the exact same spot twice. 

Soldering a pewter piece that will be used as a classy wine cooler. 

So this is where all those expensive-looking awards are made! 

Up next- School of hard knocks! To attend the session, you need to call in advance so there'll be a teacher waiting for you at the fixed time. Cost is RM60 per person but you get to keep everything - your artwork, a certificate AND the apron that you're wearing. 

Our friendly knocking master correcting Wewo's work... hahahaha... it turns out, I'm a better knocker than Wewo is. *girl pride* 

They'll ask you to sign in with your name at the beginning of the class, so be sure to write your proper name as they will print it out on an important looking piece of paper. We have ours stuck on the wall to remind us of what an awesome day it was. 

Tah dah! Our beautifully knocked pewter pieces that turned out to be bowls. 

Mine says "Made by Princess Pam", but of course. 

After the 30-45 minute session at School of Hard Knocks, we wandered around the merchandise section and for some reason, I really wanted to get Wewo a pewter mug to drink beer from. After that, we headed off to the open-space cafe for coffee and cake. 

Just chilling and trying not to listen in on the table next to us talk about digital marketing and how to drive more visitors to Royal Selangor. 

My very expensive gift to Wewo for taking me to Royal Selangor and actually booking us in for pewter knocking class - this mug was really expensive but I felt that it was the kind of thing that you get to use for the rest of your life. I think it was like RM300++. 

The staff at Royal Selangor were very surprised to see us there because not many locals know about this awesome place. I highly recommend visiting the factory at least once in your lifetime, although I will probably go again with my in-laws or when I have kids but it's also a great place to bring a date along (and *cough* entry is free *cough*).  It was really fun!

For more info on the opening hours and classes, please click here.


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