Monday, September 15, 2014

Am I proud to be a Malaysian?

The week after I returned from Sydney, I received three job offers - without actually applying for anything. I think that I kind of won at Life, with God's Almighty Grace. Between you and me, I am no different from anyone else- I'm just a regular kid with a regular job who likes to eat dessert and shop impulsively for pretty things. But... 

I am actually one of the few Malaysians who have nothing to complain about - I do not have any opinions on how our "future generations" are raised, what the corruption level is like and what our government officials are doing about our water levels and natural resources. I am way too busy having fun and creating fun projects at work to care about which politician said what, and I do believe that just earnestly working hard and living each day gratefully, fruitfully is what somehow brought me to this point in life. 

Erm, maybe I'm not saying it correctly - I do not condone being oblivious, but I do believe that playing an active role in changing your life, rather than waiting for the country to change it for you will make a difference in your quality of life. Malaysia might not be perfect, but she has given me lots of room to grow and be a better person.

I am grateful to be Malaysian and to have so many opportunities around me. Happy Malaysia Day!

Oh yeah. Also, my dip dye ombre hair finally faded out, so I'm a light brunette now:

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  1. Wait, I'm confused. Are you moving somewhere for a fancy new position?! I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad but I'm happy for you whatever it is! :) We shall discuss this on Saturday over impulsively bought desserts!


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